Over 90 People Awaiting Trial For Murder In Saint Lucia

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As Saint Lucia continues to experience the impact of COVID-19, the office of Saint Lucia’s Director of Public Prosecutions has not prosecuted a single murder case since January 2020.

“There are over 90 persons awaiting trial for the offence of murder while we continue to struggle with the difficulty of finding appropriate housing for our courts,” DPP Daasrean Greene disclosed.

His remarks came in an address Tuesday during the virtual launch of the 2022 law year.

Greene explained that COVID-19 pandemic restrictions constrain jury trials.

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He disclosed that none of the courtrooms could accommodate the number of jurors required to try murder offences while observing physical distancing measures.

Saint Lucia is experiencing the pileup of murder cases against the backdrop of a record number of homicides in 2021.

“I remain hopeful that the difficulty in providing suitable housing for the court will not continue this year and that my office will be in a position to significantly reduce the number of pending murder trials,” the DPP said.

And he explained that it was a matter of great concern that the remand population at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) ‘significantly surpasses’ its penal population.

According to the DPP, the BCF currently has 327 individuals on remand compared to 127 in its penal population.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. “Why does the Almighty not set times
    for Judgement ?
    Why do the wicked live on,
    growing old and increasing in power ?
    They spend their years in prosperity and
    the rod of God is not upon them and
    go to the grave in peace ?
    But their prosperity is not in their hands !
    Yet you say, ‘what does God know ?
    Does he judge through the darkness ?
    I know full well the schemes you are thinking,
    the schemes by which you would wrong

    Is this the consolation you give me ? For no one
    can filled the emptyness of my heart,except God alone ?
    And for what you care about the familles he
    lives behind ?
    Or one man dies in full vigor,
    completely secure and at ease
    While another man dies in bitterness of soul
    never having enjoyed anything good-
    Who repay him for what he has done ?His toil
    is sweet to him.
    “Although evidences are proven to be guilty,yet
    there is no justice and Judgement”.
    The dead cannot speak,definetely is becomes a
    cold case and case close.
    While in Européenne countries,it would take a
    a hundred years, but,they would find the
    the exact case and the perpertraitor
    would be indentify,eccept is dead.
    For God is alive and one day will exsicute Judgement and will be in favor of no one !
    ” So how can you console me with your
    nonesense ?
    Nothing is left of your answer but
    falsehood ?

  2. Yes, Mr Greene, your excuse of not having suitable space for court hearings, jury distancing, and what not – is inexcusable, lazy thinking, unproductive, and we the public are NOT stupid (as you apparently think we are). Get off your lazy ass and get to work – you have ALL the tools before you: location change, virtual technology, and you are all set to go.

  3. Lazy and no vision law official. Greene is one of the highest paid public officials

    .he has not missed one salary but he has the guts to come to talk this crap and we accepting that.

    It it time that all these worthless jokers that eat our tax money and continuously come up with lame excuses are held accountable!!!!!

  4. No wonder the murderers find Saint Lucia as a safe place to invest and grow their business of killing people!!! The excuse used by the authorities is as lame as a duck with one foot and whose remaining appendage is plagued with a bad case of athlete’s foot eating away the web! In this ultra-modern, videoconferencing age where platforms such as ZOOM, MICROSOFT TEAMS, CISCO WEBEX, SKYPE FOR BUSINESS, etc., etc., etc., abound, the brainy leaders and power-wielding authorities of Saint Lucia lazily accept the paltry excuse that there is no space available to speedily try the murderers who are destroying the image of Fair Helen!!! Wheel and come again, leaders of Saint Lucia! Even a child can understand that such an excuse makes no sense in today’s world!

  5. @Lab – I read you loud and clear. There are lots of places, Town Halls, CCC City council, Church Halls etc etc / excuses, excuses; promises, promises. I have the best solution to all this – Hang some of the bastards – that is sure to put an end to the killing; get a Priest ready, rinse them with his holy water, pray for him then hang the bastard. In the mean time, while waiting, pull out the lolo-beff and whip some asses before breakfast everyday show it publicly. If that don’t stop it, I give up, free them.

  6. Excuses, excuses, excuses why is it that Lucians act like they are the only ones who need to make adjustments during this covid season. Every other place in the universe is adapting – why can’t you guys do the same.

  7. This is poor, very poor yet another example of attempting to take the people for fools.

    Along the lines of another commentor, there are countless suitable locations to have make shift courts, for cying out loud you can have court sessions at Darren Sammy Grounds.

    This is a feable excuse and an insult, think outside the box.

  8. St.Lucia worst than America per Capita .If àn Audit have to be Taken From 1989 to 2021 Unsolved Murders in St.Lucia its over 1000.No eye witnesses case Close.Bambooklaat

  9. If social distancing for jury is the main excuse then i believe that should not stop the function of the court. People both in the public and private sectors go to work and discharge their duties for eight hours or more wearing masks and observing the protocols. A panel of jurors is simply required to sit quietly and listen to a trial and apply the possible facts to the case. They are not more at risk than anybody else. That court setting in my view requires less persons than a parliamentary sitting, a classroom of students in any of the secondary schools and several places where the business of the continues. It is high time that the DPP finds himself useful and work for the high incentives he and his office have received from government. Contract mushroomed from short term to permanence yet citizen cannot benefit significantly from your existence on the job. My advice is that you stop looking for axe to grind selective cases but dispense justice as an officer of our highest court.

  10. These lucian cochonies not shame! do not procreate with vieux negre sal! lucian women the world has dating services for men in Asia. leave those stupid negres alone!! they will be happy to get here and build a life here with you. no kom me femme! no not taking care of child ect.. to bad i old now. if i was born in a time with all this social media in my young days, i would not even bother with them. stop dating and making children for these waste of space! so many of them on trial for killing each other in a little island like that! zot paka haute seh nombre noir sa la!

  11. The Covid-19 DOMINO EFFECT is in effect!!

    Surely, Conference Rooms could be used as make-shift courtrooms!! They are big enough. Castries and its environs are chock-full of wide enough Conference Rooms, including those at hotels. Poor excuse!! Some of the Conference Rooms even have room dividers to expand or condense the area. But then again … I guess they’re thinking of the pocket expense.

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