Over Fifty Vehicles Reported Stolen In Less Than Four Months

Saint Lucia Police have disclosed that over fifty vehicles were reported stolen over a period of less than four months beginning in August this year.

Assistant Commissioner of Police responsible for operations, George Nicholas told a news conference Friday that the numbers recorded were 15 in August, 16 in September, 15 in October and 7 so far for November, 2018.

“The numbers we recorded earlier this year are a bit less than we are recording now, but generally speaking once we are approaching the Christmas season there is an increase in criminal activity across the board in all categories of crime and motor vehicles are no exception,” the senior police official told reporters.

Nicholas revealed that in recent times the police have been recovering more vehicles and at an earlier stage before they are scrapped.

He said because the numbers fluctuate from month to month, it is difficult to say whether there has been an increase or decrease in thefts.

Nicholas told reporters that the vehicle thefts are of great concern to the police who are working to bring the situation under control.

He disclosed that law enforcement officials are doing an analysis of reports of stolen vehicles.

He explained that some key locations have been identified where the stolen vehicles are taken to be scrapped.

Nicholas said a designated team of officers is pursuing leads and monitoring the designated areas.

He noted that a number of persons have already been charged with vehicle theft,

The Assistant Commissioner of Police highlighted one case in which a man who was in possession of different vehicle parts amounting to about $30,000 was arrested.

“He is currently on bail for $3,000,” Nicholas stated.

“So we are making progress,” the police official declared.

However, Nicholas appealed to motorists to take measures to try to protect themselves.

He said the police have found that the vehicle thieves are generally ‘opportunists’ who did not stick to one form of crime but strike when the opportunity presents itself.





  1. Jay maybe the reason for that amount is because so called ass police not doing their jobs and the so called thief is NOT THE THIEF!!!!!! The police knows exactly who the perpetrators are but chooses to prey on the weak!!!!!! DO U’LL JOBS PIGS!!!!!!!!

  2. The police know exactly who the real thieves are stop preying on the weak and vulnerable!!! And do I’ll damn jobs u’ll pigs!!!!!

  3. Why don’t I’ll focus on the many unslove murders that we hv!!! uI’ll der harboring a murder of u’ll kind focus on that!!!!!!!!

  4. Everyone is insanely sickening in St. Lucia at the moment. It’s too much lawlessness for a tiny island. The police seem demotivated, citizens apathetic and Ministers of government completely clueless. The country is in deep trouble. Crime is not only the police and government’s problem to solve. Every citizen and resident must become involved. See something, say something.

  5. And we call ourselves an independent nation? We need help from some foreign countries the police are and has always been USELESS

  6. I agree “the crow” … imagine that …..$30,000 in stolen parts .. and only $3000.00 bail .. and you hear what he says (so we are making progress) .. Just cant get more ridiculous than that … and you expect **** like that to stop? It wont ..Nicholas you and your crew get your act together .. if it means rallying against those kinds of mashmallow bail amounts so that magistrates or judges could come to their senses then do so..But ( making progress) I dont think so !!!!

  7. I wonder if officials reflect upon their public statements. Some of those people need to take a deep breath and pore over the things they say. Look! On an island 14×17 and you can’t solve those car thefts, you should find another job. Dive for bwigo or do something else. You should be ashamed. Clearly, this is the Hallmark of incompetence.

  8. Ya’ll had Monkey Man and ya’ll let him go. You know the amount of them that are on streets doing that. Don’t worry they go start dropping like flies soon because people cyah take it no more. Monkey man one day when you are walking the streets an engine go fall out of the skies and land on you.

  9. Some of you are well involved or know who are the car thieves. You choose to do nothing about it. There arw instances where victims do their own investigation and tell you who the thieves are and you never follow up.

    You police men have no regard for the victims. Even in the police station you hold cars for “finger prints” and continue steal parts from them. You police involved and the thieves must pay for this. How can you have a car thief out on the road on a $3000.00 bail. Ridiculous!!! You all are encouraging this. Car theft is going on for too long in this place for Nicholas to make such crappy statements. Statements that make no sense at all. Victims do not want to hear the crap you continue to speak. They want action. This is why crime will never stop.in this place. The victims will start knocking out you policemen. They will start from the heads.

    Stop talking shate and do youll work.

  10. Vibz
    You continue to be point …again with your responses. The officials need to read your post and take note of your analysis as well as suggestion.

    With the current state of affairs the outlook for St. Lucia looks grim at the moment.

  11. Lets just catch the guys and shoot the shite out of them,that will finish the problem for shure,ni judge no court

  12. Just put a bounty on every stolen car,you will see how fast you get them back,they wont even have time to strip them,and you will even get photos of the thieves.You have to incentivate the bussines.

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