Over One Tonne Of Cocaine Seized In Martinique – Six People Arrested

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Local reports say that six people were under arrest in neighbouring Martinique after law enforcement officials discovered over one tonne of cocaine on a boat.

According to Martinique 1 Ere, Customs Officers found the drugs on the vessel in the town of Le Marin Tuesday as the suspects were transferring the illegal cargo to another boat.

The publication reported that law enforcement officers arrested six individuals who are nationals of Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, and Croatia.

They are currently in custody at the Ducos prison while the authorities have seized the drugs and the two vessels involved in the illegal trade.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Please tell the authorities to stop confiscating the covid relief funds..as we don’t really have nothing else to sustain at the moment!

  2. Apparently they caught the main distributors, because those countries listed are consumers of this product on a high demand… that ton would have evaporated in less than a month if it had reach the streets of those countries.

  3. The next step is what do they do with the coc… The French police knows exactly what to do with it; go bring it for the higher ranks for a nice sum of cash, in Martinique alot of the people would know that but won’t make a big fuss because drug trafficing happens occasionally there but in SLU after it gets seized you don’t hear anymore reports on it…

  4. I trust the French Police above all around us, to do the right thing. You are dealing with the most dangerous, most ruthless of them all. That European Cartel requires Mi 5, FBI, CIA type of policing to deal with them. They will open fire on any police, not trained to deal with them; St. Lucia is not in that league; correction / don’t really want to / why? that’s for another debate.
    Put it this way, the equivalent of St. Lucia’s policing that of the middle ages, compared to the requirements of todays’ :so what does that make us? a laughing stock. I don’t care what anybody thinks, but these small Islands should never have gone for Independence; it has been proven over the years that you cannot support yourselves; your Banana industry is on a sick bed in ICU, your Tourism industry is on a sliding slope, there’s a smell of War in Eastern Europe, if started will involve the U.K., Canada And the U.S., do you see where I’m going? All of the small Islands would be screwed, big time, sorry to say. So what’s the solution – none. For those who planned on, and hoped that the Drug business would bail them out, Forget about it. Yeh keep shouting SLP, UWP, XYZ, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White; You are doomed without God. You turned your back on the Almighty, you will soon see who is Boss.

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