Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Owner Accepts Responsibility, Foots Medical Bills After Vieux Fort Dog Attack

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The owner of a pit bull and two mongrels involved in an attack on a 69-year- old man at Grace, Vieux Fort, Friday says he was not at home when the incident occurred and accepted responsibility.

As a result, Darrel Jn Pierre disclosed that he has so far paid the victim’s medical bills and plans to compensate him.

According to reports, the two mongrels on the loose attacked the 69-year-old passerby, at which point the pit bull joined in after breaking free from its tether in its owner’s unfenced yard.

“I accept responsibility,” the dogs’ owner told St Lucia Times.

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He said on the same day of the dog attack he boarded the ambulance to accompany the victim to the hospital.

“The same day, I went on the ambulance with him. I paid for the X-Rays and some of the medical bills, and then I said I would have to go and see his daughter. So I went to see him yesterday,” Jn Pierre stated.

“I asked him if he needs anything, fruits or so. He tell me just check with his daughter,” he explained.

Jn Pierre revealed that from the time the pit bull was a pup, he has always kept it tethered in his unfenced yard, except when taking the animal for a walk.

He asserted that had that not been the case, there would have been other incidents involving attacks by the animal.

However, he revealed that the two mongrels that he also owns are on the loose but have never attacked anyone.

“Those two mongrels drop there not now – those dogs not biting. Everybody passing, those dogs there from small. They never biting anybody,” Jn Pierre told St Lucia Times.

While away from home, he said someone called him to indicate that the pit bull had broken loose and bit a passerby.

Jn Pierre recalled that he rushed to his residence where others had intervened to halt the attack.

“My dog was never on the loose. My dog was well tied,” the Vieux Fort resident asserted in relation to the pit bull.

In the aftermath of the attack, Jn Pierre said he planned to put down the animal, but others were dissuading him.

He said he had spent a lot of money on the animal but would not hesitate to get rid of it.

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  1. Good one you the dog owner if you don’t put the pit down (not saying you should) use chain to keep it tied.

    With regards to the mongrels well, well what can I say. Not knowing the victim and no disrepect to him but animals can pick up bad vibes or spirits, so they may have been acting in good faith.

    Kudos to the pit owner.

  2. Dogs (any breed) will only attack if provoked or feel that their space is being invaded. No word on the victim if he provoked the attack.

    Some people have the tendency, once they see a dog (any breed), their instincts flare up that the dog is bad and so, the dog will attack them, so the person goes into “defence mode” (a fact!) and begins shouting, running and hurling stones. I have seen this scenario too many times. Was this the “victim’s” mode?

    Anyway, the man knows his dogs that is why he offered to assist the victim. The dog owner now has to learn how to have his dogs “socialised” by a dog trainer, and to fence his yard. The mere fact that his pit was tethered is another factor – the dog owner has no idea on how to treat/train dogs. Once a dog is tethered 24/7 – it is “rogue” already!! Also dogs (any breed) can be “possessive” of their owners and can attack if someone shows signs that they are entering their “space”.

    At least the two “wrongs” made a “right” … but is an expensive lesson for the owner of the dogs.

  3. If you have loose dogs your yard needs to fenced but good on you for accepting responsibility if more st.lucians were like you we would be in a better place

  4. Stray Mongrels are, and have been a SERIOUS problem all over the island. I LOVE ANIMALS, but it is so frustrating to see that for example, I can’t even bring my German Shepherd for walks in my area, because he gets attacked by strays left right and centre. Now he can defend himself, but he also tries to protect me and is usually outnumbered, so I just have to keep him in my fenced yard smh.
    Well done for owning up Mr. Jn Pierre, but you need to do better to control your dogs. As long as they have teeth, they have the potential to be deadly as you’ve just seen!

  5. Bravo to you Mr Jn Pierre for showing such accountability for your animal. Pit bulls have a tendency to cause serious harm because of the alignment of their jaw. If this dog has caused this sort of injury to someone, then it can happen again. If you choose to keep such dogs with tendencies to cause serious harm and death, it should be within your control at all times. Imagine if this dog had attacked a child, the outcome could have been different. This dog can land you in serious trouble if you do not put it to sleep. Remember “a stitch in time saves nine”

  6. The animal does not need to be put down. Did it initiate the attack. It is only being considered to be killed because it is a pit.

    Please consider giving the dog to an individual with a fenced yard.

    Also if you do intend to keep it. Please fence. Also sounds like the poor animal has not been socialized.

    It should have been allowed to be around other people, children and the elderly.

    Nit that I wish to blame the victim but was he new to the area or perhaps shouted or threw anything at the dogs, possibly in fear. That could have aggravated the situation.

    Wishing the elderly man a speedy recovery and some compassion for the pitbull.

  7. At least he owns up. Stray dogs are a menace all over this country. Why aren’t those exotic restaurants solving the problem.

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