Owner Who Operated His Vessel Recklessly At Sea Facing Charges

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Saint Lucia Marine Police have announced plans to lay charges against a vessel’s owner, who operated his craft recklessly at sea on Sunday evening off Cul de Sac.

Marine Police Commander Kentry Frederick toldĀ St Lucia Times that the police grounded the vessel and would be charging the individual.

Frederick explained that the man operated his vessel recklessly, endangering the lives of other sea users, an offence under Saint Lucia’s Criminal Code.

According to the Marine Police Commander, four people were on board.

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“They had to be removed from the vessel,” Frederick told St Lucia Times.

“The other vessel towards which he behaved recklessly had about 120 persons on board, so had we not intervened, it could have resulted in a very serious accident changing the whole landscape of Carnival 2022,” he explained.

Apart from that incident, the Marine Police Commander said his unit was delighted with how people behaved and cooperated with the police.

“We believe going forward if the general public, boaters and people using our waterways and the waterfront cooperate with the police we can have a peaceful Carnival season every year,” Frederick toldĀ St Lucia Times.

Last week the Marine Police Commander had warned organisers that officers would not tolerate misconduct during Carnival boat rides.

Frederick had also disclosed that, based on ticket sales, in excess of 3,000 people would have been on various boat rides between Friday and Tuesday.

Headline stock image courtesy Andrew Neel (Unsplash.com)

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  1. It’s necessary for these laws be enforced for reckless drivers on the roads as well. Way more avoidable incidents on the main roads due to reckless driving.

  2. It is good to see police enforcing more laws. I hope it continues across all offenses irrespective of how trivial it may seem. And I hope they are enforced for all citizens.

  3. hmm i wonder how this person behaved recklessly. did he try to hit the other boat with his or was he trying to get the four occupants he had to climb onto the the other boat


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