Owners Of Licensed Firearms Advised Not To Play ‘Superhero’

Business people in Saint Lucia, especially those who have licensed firearms, have been advised to be aware of proper engagement techniques when their establishments are threatened by criminals.

The advice came Thursday evening as the police made a presentation to the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, on crime prevention methods.

“I know sometimes we want to ¬†play superhero. We want to safeguard our business, but that is not the prudent thing to do,” Acting Police Corporal, Gifiana Edmund,told the gathering.

Gifiana Edmund

She explained that material things and not lives can be replaced.

“You know to know who you are going to engage,” she explained.

Edmund asked her audience if they would be surprised to know that employees of businesses sometimes lead criminals to business places.

“They know everything about your business prior to coming into your business. You do not know who is there with them. You do not know who is facilitating them,” the police officer declared.

“So please, before you engage anybody, ensure that you know your surroundings; you know how you are going to get out of that situation if you start it,” Edmund advised.

She urged business owners to consult with security professionals on securing their business places.

Cross section of audience

For businesses that hire security guards, Edmund said that the sole purpose of the guard is to safeguard employees and the business.

She observed that often, security guards are seen opening doors and performing duties that are not in their job description.

Edmund recalled a manager telling her that his best employee was a security guard who assisted with other duties at the business place.

“But then I remember telling him that he was his worst employee, because he was distracted,” she stated.

“If somebody had walked into that place and robbed that place,¬† his reaction time would be abysmal,” Edmund asserted.

She called on the business community to assist the police in fighting crime, declaring that in the absence of such cooperation, the police will not be able to perform heir duties effectively.


  1. I’m happy that the officers has made business owners aware that they are making their place of business vulnerable.Countless times, I’ve made that observation,and continue asking myself the question,”why”. Security Officer’s, are hired for a specific task,and they should not be distracted at all. I do hope as of now that, whenever, I, enter a business place, I will not see Security Officer’s, multitasking,but rather doing the specific task that he/she was hired to perform.

  2. It takes years of dedication training and practice to be safe and efficient with a firearm not just coz u have one you know when and how to use one
    Higly recomend you forget its there and never touch it unless under controlled condtions

  3. I attended this activity and all I can say is wow. What an articulate and intelligent officer. I hope the force recognizes her talent and utilize her skills more. For once I was impressed by and with a Police Officer. Keep it up officer!

  4. Yes I can agree to a point,you have a gun but you dont shoot and that is no good.Go and shoot some rounds now and again in the range,because you do get rusty.On the other hand I have a gun,do you think Im going to surrender it to a criminal? I will not start the confrontation,and this dosent make sence,because if the guy is in my house or bussines in the middle of the night,or he walkes in with a weapon in his hand,I will blast him,and he will not go to the hospital,I will make sure of that

  5. Yesterday I went to Digicel and there was this security guard on a tablet busy playing oney of the games. I made that observation because I realized that he could be taken off guard if an intruder comesin and there I am reading that today. Security is my number one concern especially when I enter those one entrance/exit store in St. Lucia.

  6. Its a shame and a dam disgrace to pay a security guard 7 :50 an hour or less what future there is in working as a security guard whiles the security companies get contracts that pays millions of dollars and a guard can’t afford to eat a decent meal a day and if the guards speak out they get victimized they even try to prevent the guard from joining the Union government needs to investigate the security companies because most of them are thiefs

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