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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm
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Updated on July 5, 2020 10:46 pm

Owners Of Trailer Trucks Get Warning From CCC

The Castries Constituencies Council (CCC) has urged owners of trailer trucks to remove trailers  that are parked in he vicinity of Vigie beach and desist from parking them there in the future.
In an advisory issued Thursday, the CCC observed that the area in question is its property and is earmarked for development. 
“The practice of parking trailers in the area poses threats to public safety and is unsightly given that the location is adjacent to the entrance of a major hotel,” according to the advisory.
The CCC will work with the relevant authorities to penalize offending truck owners and drivers who fail to comply with this public advisory, it warned.


  1. Maybe one person parked there and no one said anything, then others started doing it. It is a human thing. Some people even think that the area is theirs and want to fight others over it. I see it a lot; I think it is called squatting and territorial where people start occupying an area then try to claim it as their own. People need to understand that every inch of space is either privately or publically owned and people have to pay to park.

    • So you realise the problem in this country. The authorities saw the first person do it and they said nothing. What do you think happens if you let an infractions slide because it is “just one person”. This nonsense is so common in this god forsaken hell hole. Someone opens a tray or starts washing cars in an a location they should not. The authorities ignore it because that person on a “hustle”. Then in no time 10 or 15 person in the same location. And it becomes a problem to police and resources and tax payer dollars have to be spent to fix a problem that could have been solved from the onset. Proper leadership and enforcement are severely lacking in this country.

  2. Maybe Cul de Sac is to far for them,give them some solution that makes sence to all organize the area properly the least you can do is compact the soil grade it properly to avoid lagoons of water,offer something for them

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  4. If the land belongs to CCC,organize the place properly and charge for the parking make a bit of money and save the owners of the trailers having to take everything to Cul de Sac.We have so many empty pieces of land growing weeds in Castries.Dont the owners realize they could be getting a profit if they turned the lots into parking spots this would make the city look much better stop the weeds trash and vagrants living on the lots.

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