PAHO Celebrates 120th Anniversary Amid Challenging Times

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Last week the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) kicked off its anniversary campaign to celebrate 120 years of active work promoting health and well-being.

PAHO Director Dr.Carissa F. Etienne observed that the organisation had reached the milestone during some of the most challenging times the region, and the world, have ever seen.

Etienne cited the COVID-19 pandemic, the likes of which the world has not experienced for a century.

And she observed that the pandemic has laid bare some of the most striking health inequalities.

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“As we begin to look towards rebuilding and recovery, never before has PAHO’s leadership been more crucial and more relevant,” the PAHO Director added.

The 120th Anniversary campaign aims to spur efforts to champion pro-equity strategies for universal health access and coverage.

It also aims to promote the urgent need for robust health systems that are sufficiently ready and resourced to meet current and future health challenges.

PAHO has planned a full set of events starting with a virtual dialogue on “The interdependency between health, social protection and economy” in March 2022.

High-level discussions will also be held on issues such as equity and gender and expanding medical manufacturing capacity in the region, highlighting the longstanding collaboration between PAHO and its Member States.

In November, PAHO will bring together senior officials from leading tech organizations and health experts to discuss harnessing technology and innovation for health using a digital- and data-driven approach to recovery and rebuilding.

PAHO was founded as the International Sanitary Bureau on 2 December 1902 to address the spread of infectious diseases during a time of rapid maritime transport expansion.

It was renamed the Pan American Sanitary Bureau in 1923 and subsequently the Pan American Health Organization in 1958.

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