Tuesday, September 27, 2022

PAHO Director: ‘COVID Does Not Simply Go Away’

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At her weekly press briefing, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Dr. Carissa Etienne called for authorities to employ all available resources to fight COVID-19, including vaccines, masks, social distancing, and surveillance.

“COVID does not simply go away,” Etienne explained.

She disclosed that the Americas reported over 926,056 new COVID infections over the last week – an 18.4% increase from previous weeks.

According to the PAHO Director, North America, the US, and Canada are experiencing a resurgence in cases as Mexico continues to witness a reduction in COVID infections.

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In Central America, cases are also down, except in Panama, where cases have steadily increased over the last month, Etienne observed.

However, she explained a shifting picture in South America with a drop in cases in Bolivia for the first time since September, just as COVID infections increased in Ecuador, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and remain steady in Brazil and Peru.

Regarding the Caribbean, Etienne, according to a PAHO news release, said while infections are down overall, Trinidad and Tobago reached its highest weekly COVID case count, and cases rose by 66% in Saint Lucia over the last week.

In addition, she said the Cayman Islands reported the highest weekly COVID incidence rate of any country or territory in the Americas.

The PAHO official lamented that Vaccine inequity continues to divide the region.

“And if we don’t address these glaring gaps, we’ll fail to bring this virus under control,” she declared.

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  1. Really ? What foolishness is this ? You mean to tell me that after all the fuss the WHO and the CDC are making about “misinformation” and conspiracy theories, this stupid woman can come up with such nonsense ? The case numbers here have been going DOWN for some time now, yet this so-called Doctor says that our case numbers ROSE, and by 66 percent !! NNo wonder the vast majority of people remain hesitant in the wake of the current vaccination drive. There is just too much misinformation coming from the authorities, too muck double speak, too much change of minds, too much everything that creates a changing story. I suggest that since the vaccines do not PREVENT us from contracting the virus, we should all resolve not to contract the virus in the first place, rather than to behave as though we are all BOUND to catch the virus and require vaccination for when we catch the virus. Let us all follow the PREVENTATIVE protocols of wearing our masks, social distancing, and not talking directly in each other’s faces, especially during social gatherings. And let us ignore Dr. Etienne and Dr. Fauci who wittingly or unwittingly continue to stoke fear among our people.

  2. PAHO get off it already. We don’t care anymore. You cannot instill fear in a people who sees pass y’all scare tactics. We,the people with eyes to see and ears to hear have had enough of this sh!t.

    Covid can not just go away because y’all are hanging onto it for dear life. Woman go enjoy your life and leave people alone.

    We don’t want your vaccines either. And when I say we ,I’m not talking about the pin cushions.

    Tell the WHO and the UN we’ve had enough. We don’t want their one world system. We no longer want civil rights,we want silver rights.

    Now shoo you pesky fly.

  3. It goes away when urll stop watching the news and go live your life. The media gotten lazy… Theyve since quadrupled their revenue because the sensationalism is in COVID… Everyone is home… Confined… Advertising is through the roof… Covid here… Covid there… Buy online… Shop online.. Have your groceries delivered… Pay your bills online.. Opportunity in chaos…. Switch off the news… And see whats what.. Im not denying its existence… I had it… Thankfully just lost my sense of smell and taste for a month or two… 4 days headache.. And fever… Some didnt fare that well…and for that i am truthfully sorry for… But just take note on the moments things relax…the nres gets recycled… Under a different variant..

    Turn off the bullshit… Teust me.. Its been blown way out of proportion by The USA in particular… They are among the weakest immune systems on the globe… So it’s like doomsday for them… Ensuring they keepp everyone at the edge of their seat.. Meanwhile the elites are thriving.

  4. “Covid” can not just go away, because it was never real in the first place. They will continue to manipulate this grand fraud how ever they want until the people decide they have had enough.

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