Pakistan Cricketer Remorseful After Appearing In Destra Video

Trinidad Newsday:- Pakistani-American cricketer Ali Khan is asking his fans on social media to “move on” from an issue over his being a part of soca singer Destra Garcia’s Me Gusta video.

The video is trending on social media and has led to the creation of memes, with some of them saying “You can marry as many women you want but you can’t stand next to Destra” or “You go back Trinidad. Yuh can’t come back here.”

The two-minute-59-second video shows Garcia in a house and a bed and on a beach,beach dancing as she sings. She is also seen with Khan on the beach. He is also seen in solo shots standing on the beach looking at the sunset.

The video has upset members of Khan’s family, which prompted Khan and Dwayne “DJ” Bravo to issue apologies via video.

Khan told fans he was looking at the posts on social media and had received messages about the video.

He repsonded: “I just want to say the purpose of making this video was not to hurt anyone including my family. I did see the final version of the video before releasing which Destra sent to me and I was okay with it at that point.

“But I did not realise that it will be too much for my family. I did apologise to my family as well. So I just want to urge people stop posting negative stuff on social media and please respect our privacy and please stop this now and move on from this.”

Khan played for Trinbago Knight Riders in the recent CPL series.

In his video apology, Bravo told Khan’s father he had heard about the concerns over Ali and the video.

“From the bottom of my heart I am very sorry. The person (Destra) is a very good friend of mine, a singer back in TT.

“Because of the love people in TT have for Ali,she requested if it is possible to have him make an appearance in her music video, which Ali was okay with.

“But obviously after the fact that the video did not come out the way they wanted it, and he told me he shared his concern that you are very upset, and his dad and family are disappointed in him – I want to take that responsibility because he really wanted to do a favour to me. The person is a very close friend to me. I want to apologise. I want you to please forgive him,” Bravo said.


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