Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Parents Protest And Teachers Abandon Classes At Entrepot Secondary

Parents staged a protest at the Entrepot Secondary School Thursday morning and teachers at the institution abandoned classes in the latest development over mold infestation at the learning institution.

“The Saint Lucia Teachers Union has been for a number of years highlighting the issues at the Entrepot Secondary School. What is happening there is not new – we have had a situation with asbestos over the years; with mold etc,” union President Julian Monrose, who was present at the school, told reporters.

Julian Monrose

Monrose recalled that for several years the Ministry of Education has promised that the Entrepot Secondary School would be a priority and it would give the school a new wing.

The SLTU President disclosed that parts of the learning institution were built since 1972.

“Of late we have had a situation of teachers and students falling sick on a daily basis. We have tried to encourage the ministry to do what is necessary to ensure that teachers’ health and children’s health are protected,” Monrose explained.

But he told reporters it seems that the ministry wants to do ‘piecemeal’ work at the school.

According to him, the ministry seems to be more interested in continuing school than in protecting the health of students.

“What sense does it make if you have children that are well educated but in their productive years they cannot work; they become a burden to their parents and the state? We need to educate them but we also need to protect their health,” Monrose declared

He said the SLTU has taken a position that it will no longer allow its members to enter the premises until the union is certain that the necessary work has been done.

Monrose said the union was happy that parents had come on board because they understand that not only teachers, but students are being affected.

“The teachers’ working conditions are the children’s learning conditions,” he asserted.

“Now that the parents are standing up – they are protesting; they are withholding the children from the school; the ministry I think will get the message that they are not only dealing with the teachers but they are dealing with the students and the parents also,” Monrose told reporters.

Late Thursday morning after the protesting parents had left, two police officers, one of them armed, were  seen stationed at the school.



  1. I love when UWP in power Monrose gains voice and power too. Wen SLP in office he seems so quiet and shy. Please UWP stay in power for me to continue enjoying a more agresive Monrose.

  2. Mr Monrose says ” for several years” the SLTU has been highlighting the issues at the Entrepôt Secondary School. How long is the ” number of years” that “we have had a situation with asbestos, mold etc. ” ? It is so obvious that when the SLP is in government there is nothing to protest about. If ” what is happening there is not new” why is it only now that the issue is being brought to the fore? It seems like the SLTU has a schedule so that every week more schools are added for protests by teachers and abrupt closure. Entrepôt Sec., Methodist Primary , Bocage Sec., Sir Ira Simmons Sec., which schools are next Mr. Monrose ?
    Secondly, why is it that all of a sudden so many buildings are experiencing problems with mold infestation / air quality issues ? – LUCELEC, WASCO, Government departments, SALCC, and now schools . ?
    Questions needing answers…..

    • Oh NURSE , Oh NURSE, OHHH NURSE, you need to nurse your intelligence. After questioning the motives of the SLTU over dealing with the matter of mold in schools, you come around to admit that “LUCELEC< WASCO, Government Departments, SALCC and now schools experiencing mold". So I guess you blaming SLTU for the mold at LUCELEC, WASCO. You see how much of a damn idiot you are.

      • That Nurse needs a doctor . Youpa you should not be surprise that that nurse contradicts him/herself. Its just the 43% preschool disease affecting Nurse. Nurse and truith being told are typical examples of low IQ individuals.

    • NURSE, obviously the SLP should shoulder some blame for the unhealthy conditions of these public buildings. It’s now incumbent on the present governing Administration to rectify things. They were voted in power to improve the quality of life for every St. Lucian. By the way, are you a real nurse? If so, your reasoning power is very limited and concerning. Focus on the issues at hand and not the messenger. It would be negligent if the SLTU sat quietly on thess most troubling issues. The ball is in the government’s court at this juncture. They need to deliver for the people. Stop your accusatory remarks for they reflect badly on you.

  3. These women again being used by the SLP to the world is sad. Why haven’t they asked Mr. Monrose how long is “several years”. Did he once had our children dying in mold prior to 2016, because of politics?

    • When people like Untruth Being Told try to shift responsibility from the present government and throw blame on some other person or entity , the government takes comfort in their lackadaisical attitude. People like him/her have to wise up. Put the blame square where it belongs t this point in time. It firmly belongs on the shoulders of the UWP’s government. If they can’t do the job get out.

  4. Am just baffled that there are so many air quality mold problems in so many buildings now. But if for years now Mr. Monsrose why only protest now. The saddest part in all of this is not the air quality or the kids missing school but the use of Monrose, SLTU, students and parents by SLP operatives. Also for an intelligent man MOnrose seems like the Primary School Graduate Lucien Joseph who only talks when UWP in power and shuts up when given a few contracts to clean the baeach when SLP in power. Anyways kids stay home. The teachers, politicians, Monrose and co all have their degress already.

    • I’m carry water for no political entities. It’s just disheartening to read many of these comments. Forget the blame game. Put way the divisive, partisan politics. Look at what obtains presently. There is a growing crisis that threatens the health or lives of teachers and students. Remedying the problem should be done with alacrity. Having a fight over who should be blamed or the problem should have been raised under a previous administration does nothing to stop the deterioration of the mold infestation of the schools. Just get the damn job done and allow the students and teachers to reime classes. Politics has become the opiate of the people.

  5. You are more political than the people you are accusing. You run from the really issue of people’s health to make a political point. You admitting that Monrose intelligent and that Lucien is a Primary School Graduate while showing that you understand issues at a preschool level. SMH at you, SMH. Still shaking my head.

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  7. This is Monrose and Howell…two “Never in Office Creamcicles” who have and continue to benefit for their party… SLTU is simple and ARM of SLP……

  8. Women are the backbone of this country. I hardly see any men in the background of the photo protesting. The women carry the load/fight every time from since Slavery Days. Our women should be treated with great respect.

  9. It is very disheartening that everything in St. Lucia is turned into a political fight. So sad. Nobody gets down to the real issues. The children are suffering, have been suffering, yet it’s a UWP/SLP fight. Let’s focus on fixing the problem. All the leaders have faltered on this mold issue. ALL.

  10. Stop deflecting from Issue by complaining why it didn’t happen under the SLP reign. That time for that is long gone the UWP is responsible now, so they should get down to business and deal with it. I’m sure all the same commenters supported Mary Isaac put pressure for Civil Servants salary increases under the last administration. Now all of a sudden protest action is wrong and political now a new administration is in charge. Just come out and say you don’t want anybody to complain now that your party is in power. This is a serious health issue for the children and teachers and you are politicizing it just like when the PM politicized crime.

  11. There is little to no over sites. All this did not happen over night. Citizens are clueless to finances. How do you’ll monitor what was spent on school repairs and projects. 99% of that money has already been swindle. Show me where have this 10 million dollar yearly school budget has been spent. Now they a simply covering the mold with paint that sells for cheap. look at the Contract bill statements lol chances are everything is inflated asual lol a bucket of paint $1000. For the record I Support UWP, however when such obvious theift of school finances taking place given condition gate keepers must highlight. Lol for every million stolen at least try to put $100,000 in repairs here and there. Once again…keep your eyes on the money and the lack that is being done at critical moments. Expect a lot of painting and patch work to take place. Lol and boom everything else will be forgotten.

  12. If there is mold in the school, government should be giving this issue priority. It needs to be taken care of. We cannot be having our kids in school knowing full well that it’s an unsafe environment. This cannot be good for learning. Shouldn’t the government have a process in place to evaluate schools during summer break? The problems can be avoided if actions are taken to remedy the situation before the start of the school year. Maybe this is not a priority. As one knows. A stitch in time saves 9. Our incompetence as a government to handle these issues are there for all to see and incomprehensible!!!!

  13. These are the teachers that are telling parents their children needs after school program, They are the same ones that are taking money from the parents to teach them after school, what a shame.What a shame God is not sleeping politics will put you all behind.

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