Parents Urged To Send Children Who Sat CPEA Back To School

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Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer has appealed to parents of children who recently completed the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA), to send the youngsters back to school.

“This is where they belong. This is where they should be and until such time as we close for the academic year. We would want to have all of our children at school regardless of the fact that CPEA has ended – there is instruction to be covered,” Philip-Mayer stated.

The Chief Education Officer spoke against the backdrop of reports that some parents have kept their children at home since the regional exam.

But Philip-Mayers observed that the Grade Six students have lost ‘so much’ instructional time, so now is the time to determine how best to support them.

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“There is learning loss and so our teachers are geared towards ensuring that even after CPEA is done that our students are at school because there’s so much work to be covered. So dear parents, please do not leave them at home. Please do not say that you are waiting on the results to be there. They will be here mid-June around the 13th of June if all goes well. But for us it is important that our students remain at school because this is where we can ensure that whatever learning loss has happened that they will continue to get the support from our teachers,” the senior Education Official stated.

“Similarly we appreciate that the social ills are alive and well and we know that idle minds and hands – we don’t want to even think of possibilities,” Philip-Mayer said.

In this regard, she called on the parents not to let children become idle.

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  1. I would like to know madam chef education office did you actually made your rounds at the schools to see for sure the children are doing work they missed out on mmmmmm because no parent in their right mind will deprived his or her child from furthering their education
    Please and thanks make your rounds then come back with this statement thank you!

  2. If the children lost so much instructional time, perhaps the CEO will instruct us on the objective of the test. This week, Wednesday and Thursday, children of six and seven years were subjected to another Ministry of Education stress test labelled MST. Is it necessary to put children of that age through a two day testing programme? The Ministry of Education needs guidance from a source more kowledgeable than the CEO.

  3. Is this statement by the MOE an admission of guilt? Is the MOE finally and publicly admitting that they set our children up for failure at CPEA by sending them into a regional exam unprepared? Why is MOE stressing the need yo retutn to classrooms for instruction if all material/syllabus was completed before exams? I remrmber thd many cslls from teachers, principals, parents alike echoing concerns of the insufficient instruction time available in preoaration for all both components of the exsm, but their concerns fell on deaf ears. Instead of 11-12 year old were subjected to the most stressful, most rigourous, most challenges year of their lives against the backdrop of the unprecedented challenges brought on by the covid-19 pandemic. Yet, the MOE never saw it fit to provide counselling sessions for our children to hflp guide them through that period, and when a patent did call to request the service, guess what, counsellor out and replacement not known and when finally known was never available up until the date of the exam.
    These are the people we entrust to provide guidance and instruction to educate our little ones. ..This is the level of passion demonstrated for the development of children… the unfortunate thing is that there are a few in the system who do care and work well but it is not the work of the few that is reflected, it is the collective effort.
    I salute the teachers who work tirelessly during the past year to get our children ready… we see you, we hear you…we love you. Hats off! And to the 2055 students…. I congratulate you… your tenancity, resilience in the face of adversity is commendable! Class of 2022… we love and celebrate you.

  4. The students are anxiously awaiting their results, some are frustrated. Its the inexperienced Ministry of education fault to not have the students complete their syllabus before exams and now expect them to return to school. The students should stay home, only return to school for results

  5. I’m confused as to why parents would not want the children out of the house and at school. Keeps them occupied, no?

  6. First of all, I am of the opinion that the CEO or anyone from this Education ministry do not have any idea what transpired at the schools with the implementation of this CPEA. Both teachers and students were placed under a tremendous amount of unnecessary stress.Do you really expect teachers to have the zeal to teacher after such stress?? Really and truly, did we have to implement this CPEA? Who gives children a final exam two months before the end of the year?? Do you really expect Grade sixes to be receptive to any kind of teaching now.? Both teachers and students are glad that this nightmare is over. Tell me,what did your ministry do to equip teachers in dealing with the students now? Sometimes I wonder why some of you are placed in positions with absolutely no clue what is really going on on the ground.

    • I was pondering similar sentiments, if the minister is failing to provide a proper school security system rather than a watchman system clearly shows the security at schools are not a top priority. The watchman system can be upgraded, but is the MOE willing to expand to that level action speak clearly than words. Does the MOE have any clear picture of the level of students who will consider i have nothing more to prove but to carry on a rampant bullish behavior towards to teacher and other students and some case take revenge because they know they will no longer be at that school come few months or when results are out, will create havoc?
      He/She needs to come better than that create a level up school program that will make the transition from CPEA to different level and additionally stop the selling of PIZZA in school that’s a birth of criminal mind set in school which are being fostering in school under the disguised of fund rising activities.

  7. Whose smart idea was it to have an exam Two months before school closed what exactly am I sending my kid back to learn when he returns home all he says I’d they play all day why should I be wasting money

    • @confused…… since you have no smart idea to solve the problem then stay confused…’s clear that your child did play all day with I’d they that you wrote….smh…it’s amazing the name you people type for yourself when you make comments on this platform…it really does suit some of you….

      • Rest assured there is no instruction going on in the schools once exams are done. One week before, one month before it makes no difference. Those lazy teachers do nada. Back in the day exams were held at the very end of the term with students going in to collect their report books during vacation. Every bit of the term was used to teach kids. Look at the calibre of kids then vs now and ask yourself why the decline.

  8. Well we have schools like the one close to WASCO where the teachers told the children to stay home. So you can’t blame parents for all. What have y’all as CEO given to the teachers so that the hidden curriculum may be taught. You CEO are just spinning top in mud. This year you had to have MST for the primary school students. These students have been through so much for the past 2 years. There have been so much they missed but yet a 2020 paper was given to them.

  9. Clearly y’all at the ministry must be a bunch of inexperienced juveniles to believe that a child will come back to school after the exams. Y’all really expect this to happen really? I suggest you people seek some form of consultancy to manage the people’s business


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