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Parliament Observes Moment Of Silence For Deceased Stevedore

The parliament of Saint Lucia Thursday observed a moment of silence for a stevedore who died earlier in the day after a tragic accident on the Castries wharf.

Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour, Stephenson King, called for the observance of the moment of silence before he made his contribution to the house on the 2019-2020 appropriations bill.

Stephenson King

King drew to the attention of the house that there had been a fatal accident at Port Castries aboard the MV Baltis Klipper  about 12.10 p.m.

According to the Castries North MP, the incident involved a stevedore aboard the vessel.

He told the house it was alleged that a full 40 foot container which was being loaded made contact with the stevedore, squeezing him in the process.

“He was transported immediately to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead,” King stated.

He extended condolences to the family of the deceased on behalf of the government, parliament, the Department of Infrastructure, Ports, Energy and Labour and his own behalf.

“Mr. Speaker, I further beg your indulgence to pause for a brief moment in silence,” he said.

After a brief pause, the Speaker of the house, Andy Daniel, gently interrupted.

“Honourable member, I know you said we would pause. Can we all stand?” He asked, whereupon the MPs present rose to their feet to observe the moment of silence.

Family members have identified the deceased stevedore as Wilson Joseph, 54, of Old Victoria Road.

(Story updated to correct spelling of name of the vessel)






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