Parole Board Hears Cases Of Three BCF Inmates Serving Life Sentences

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Saint Lucia’s Parole Board has held hearings in connection with three inmates who are serving life sentences at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) and will deliver its verdict in the coming weeks.

Lissa Joseph of the Government Information Service tells us more:


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Editorial Staff
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  1. St.lucia and most of the Caribbean countries are copy cat we always try to follow or copy what we see in highy developed countries. Knowing that We have no structures in place to monitor and track these people..

    I hope these very same criminals mark their parole office faces well and know every member of their family maybe tomorrow might be their turn to deal with the hurt . Remember what you sow is what you reap .

  2. This is the wrong message to send to the criminals running around out there. First of all, you have stopped hanging; they have lodging, three meals per day, free medical, visits by friends etc. free training, psychological evaluation and I hope Church services, what else can you ask for, heaven? why all in a sudden parole is in the picture, who is behind this move? certainly not Mary. ( in my book, you kill, you hang//and on top of it you’re whipped every month, as a deterrent) Merry Christmas to all

  3. They were served with life sentences because they committed a felonies. I have no empathy for them. All of a sudden you all want to forget about the crimes they have committed and want to hand them back their freedom. They lost their freedom the day they committed the crimes.

  4. The Relatives of the Persons they Kill Should Dral with them the Same day of their Release. They kill Innocent people and Releasing these Criminals into Society.Let these Guys die in prison

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