Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘Partially Decomposed’ Body Found At Lower Morne Road

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Saint Lucia police say they are investigating the discovery of the ‘partially decomposed’ body at Lower Morne Road, Castries, on Sunday.

Law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times that the discovery was made around noon.

Officers have not identified the deceased.

There are no further details at present.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Confusion đŸ˜”,depression,anxiety, griefs, sorrow,woe, đŸ˜­mourning.
    Healing and Solution is only found in the word of GOD,and the truth is only found in the word of GOD which brings consolation.

    Healing : Means Saved !

  2. There is never a dull moment in St Lucia these days. After the Menelle incident and now this young lady, could it be that there is a serial raper or serial rappers on the loose. Why haven’t that been the focus of our law enforcement agency.
    The community of Cedar Heights in Vieux Fort was ablaze with what sounded like gunfire at about 4:00am Sunday morning. Nothing has been said about that, although a resident said it was someone letting out fireworks. How can anyone be putting on a fireworks display in a densely populated neighborhood like that at that time of the night. Lord help us in St Lucia.

  3. Ok guys I don’t know if this was a suicide, but remember we were expecting help from the RSS? I heard they based in Vieux Fort. I guess they can’t pay them extra for whole island patrol but anyways they can stay south. Sick crimes is all over St Lucia then government goes back to promote themselves

  4. from Bel Air……..Sasha…..this is sick….this is sad……God will repay…I hope they soon find the killer or killers…

  5. it was said to be a woman’s……is it the girl who went missing from Micoud???? THIS IS WHAT I HEARD…..not sure……oh God….what is happening in this country???


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