Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Parts Of Ukraine Running Out Of Food

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Some towns in Ukraine don’t have more than three or four days’ worth of food, the aid agency Mercy Corps said Tuesday, warning that the humanitarian system in the country “is entirely broken down.”

“One of our biggest concerns right now is the vulnerability of the supply chain. We know that most municipalities in areas seeing the most intense fighting don’t have more than three to four days’ worth of essentials like food,” said Mercy Corps’ Ukraine humanitarian response adviser Steve Gordon, who is in Kharkiv, the site of some of the heaviest fighting since the Russian invasion.

At least 70% of the population of Kharkiv and Sumy is entirely dependent on aid, he estimated.

“These are areas like Sumy, with 800,000 people nearly entirely reliant right now on aid shipped in on a day-to-day basis. Cities need at least a month’s worth of food, stored in different warehouses in case they come under fire,” Gordon said.

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“The reality is that right now the humanitarian system is entirely broken down. We are not seeing a high-functioning, coordinated international aid effort covering the whole of Ukraine like we often see in other conflict zones,” he said.

“While the United Nations is getting aid into some areas, we’ve seen through the failure of humanitarian corridors that many people are only surviving through support from small Ukrainian civil society organization like church groups, which are coordinating essential deliveries such as food and medical supplies. These amazing volunteer networks are working as hard as they can but they are stretched to the max.”

Source: CNN

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  1. If you are interested in eschewing the flights of fancy (lies) of the western pressitutes regarding the Ukraine situation, you can’t do better than heed Scott Ritter (whose report stating the non-existence of WMDs in Iraq was ignored to the tune of a million Iraqi deaths) – comprehensive truth-telling, without the aid of a tele-prompter or script:

    (Scott comes in at the 58:45 mark!)

  2. Here is the infantile logic which passes for western diplomacy today; from US Ambassador McFaul (paraphrased):

    “Russia should continue supplying oil & gas to western countries, but western countries should postpone paying for Russian oil & gas until Russia stops the war”.

    Note that despite the maximum sanctions applied against her, Russia still has not retaliated; she is still pumping gas into Europe via UKRAINE! Meanwhile, the entire western world is already suffering the effects of playing Russian Roulette; they’ve discovered that it is not really a game!

  3. It is lamentable that St. Lucia Times, in its incarnation as a base aggregator of war propaganda, has chosen to feature articles from CNN & BBC. C’mon! Raise your standards, and the knowledge level of the citizens you serve, with readily available truth, instead of constraining them to the cesspool of western lies! Here’s a sampling of what you may have stumbled upon, if you hadn’t been focused on click-bait material:

    Chris Hedges: The Lie of American Innocence

    • Hmmmmm Yes nudgey interesting read, you forget to add Hiroshima to it and the displacement of citizens on Bikini Island another of their dutty secrets that was never told and just imagine those people are still been fed the American Garbage weekly by boat their way of life disruption, no compensation, wickedness.

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