Saturday, December 14, 2019

Passenger from Saint Lucia arrested at JFK after cocaine find

A passenger arriving at John F. Kennedy International airport from Saint Lucia was arrested by Customs agents after  cocaine was found in the cushion of her wheelchair.

Media reports have identified the woman as Yoncela Stanley who arrived at the airport  on Sunday.

She is accused of attempting to smuggle 6 bricks of cocaine,  weighing about 27 pounds and worth nearly half a million dollars, into the United States.

The cocaine is reported to have been discovered with the aid of a drug sniffing dog.

Stanley is  a United States citizen, according to media reports.



She was arrested for the importation of a controlled substance and was turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.




  1. She may now be forced to walk since the wheelchair will be used as evidence in court. People kindly do what is right in the eyes of God.

  2. Learned to be content with what you have greedy, you will pay with what you don’t have.After things is so rough already you making it hard for others.

  3. None of my business ..she is a grown disable woman! She is innocent until proven guilty… If she is found guilty she should pay

  4. Father God thanks for discovering all those people who help the drug addicts kill themselves they are secrets muderers, father let all of them be caught and send to prison in Jesus name amen.

  5. Whole chewey a celeccion
    Greedy ..covetous .aviage awagie vowass
    Kuyonn and the last making things heard for others who trying to get to the us to make an honest living.
    I sure know that whole chewey pa bon.

  6. She greedy because she have a good job at N C P D and her husband have a good job as at ……………………….

    • I wonder if she knew the drug was in her wheel chair. Everyone knows that dogs sniff luggage so i don’t understand why she will put drugs in her wheel chair. People use children and their stuffed toys, they use frozen fish, frozen chicken, orange juice cans, old people and now disabled old person. No one escapes.

  7. All the people who are going to be a menace to society are usually very lucky to get the requirements to live and become criminals in a foreign country, when you are an honest person seeking to go on a vacation or just to visit your child you are denied a visa or entry into the country, here is one who even had citizenship showing her true colours. We are all gonna pay for this unfortunately, when you are honest with the U S embassy, you are denied a visitors visa, however criminals a granted. Life, you win some and you lose some. Hope we all learn from this.

  8. ” why they do not legalized. The cocaine after all. The system is makiing money on. Alcohol.

  9. Unbelievable!!!! May the almighty father and our lord and savior Jesus Christ,, have mercy upon us.

  10. Could this lady be innocent? Could some have placed the drugs in the wheel without her knowing? There is no way one would travel comfortable so far;knowing that he or she would stand a chance of being arrested if this was found.Your heart would be pounding from the time of check in for the flight ; which would again cause you to look suspicious.
    Did someone try to mess up this woman? Lord alone knows.She is still innocent…..until the hearing proves otherwise.

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