Sunday, January 26, 2020

Pastor Arrested As 69 ‘Slaves’ Rescued From T&T Church

A pastor was among several persons detained Wednesday after a sting operation by cops found 69 people being held at a facility in Arouca described as a church, Trinidad and Tobago media say.

Those who were rescued are said to range in ages from 19 to 70.

“We have now cracked what is the biggest situation pertaining to human trafficking in this country,” Police Commissioner Gary Griffith was quoted as saying.

Griffith said the situation was ‘barbaric’.

“Per­sons are seen in cages, hand­cuffed…per­sons were be­ing tor­tured. We saw tasers and ba­tons…and again this is a sit­u­a­tion of vir­tu­al mod­ern day slav­ery,” the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian quoted the Police Chief, who led the operation, as saying.

He said some of the captives had been held for “a few years”.

The  Special Operation Response Team (SORT) swooped down on the church close to midnight Tuesday.

TV 6 said that Taser guns and batons were seized.

All 69 men and women rescued by the police are said to be citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Police are continuing their investigations.


  1. This is an eye opening day for the Caribbean considering the history of the region. I must commend the authorities for rescuing these vulnerable individuals from the hands of some religious fanatics. Though such atrocious behaviour could have been perpetrated by any individual, when it is committed by the purveyors of biblical doctrine, one wonders what was the motivation for the captivity of those individuals…I can guarantee you, it was not for planting cane in a field, but they were most probably held hostage because of some so called divine revelation some schizophrenic pastor got from god. In any case, it does have religious connotations…..I await the revelation from the authorities as to why this sad situation occurred, if they are able to find one.

      • These so call pastors Use these Churches as a Money making Business .They Brain wash their Followers and Take advantage on the Men and women

      • @LOL

        Indeed. But it shows who is more of an idiot when one cannot comment on the topic at hand and has just enough stamina to ejaculate just a short sentence containing a few words…how long did it take you? 10 seconds?..

    • The authorities in St.Lucia had better check them out. The one by the square on Brazil Street tackling the youth.

  2. LICKS !! That ‘s all that Pastor and all parties involved should get pure unfiltered lick from a cat o’ nine . Just like I proposed for these politicians here in St Lucia and the rabble rousers (they know themselves) that continue to aid and abed in selling this country out for nickels and dimes and false hopes of trickle down economics should be rounded up drag to the nearest town and let licks rain galore from John Public

  3. Yeah the trickle down from the big contracts they give their friends and family and take the big cuts. Who has the contracts in st.lucia. and the minister that pass the stupid bill for people to do automatic driving licences his bank account should be checked. Every idiot can drive. Bring back Manuel see how many cars then we have when they cant pass test.I think politician’s should make tax returns public.

  4. @ C- Wiz you brought out the big words there buddy, you sure showed how about you put some bass is your voice then try talking to me big chap instead of behaving like an angry woman…just like ur mama, be more like daddy…less emotional. *wink*

  5. I thought this conversation was about a crook in T&T who enslaved some simpletons. It doesn’t take much
    in St.Lucia for a discussion to turn into politics anytime. Now about the guy who poses as a pastor, and these
    simple minded souls who perhaps went there looking for some help, let me please ask some of you, not to
    judge. Let the police do their investigation, and let justice take it’s course. If indeed he kept these people in
    some modern day bondage, I personally would like to volunteer with my own Cat-o-nine for the first lashes.
    But in everything brothers, let God reign — because men make fools of themselves, does not disolve my faith.

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