Pastors using Pulpit to campaign

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 I wish to voice my disgust with the manner in which some so called holy men of God use their pulpit as a forum to influence their members into voting for a particular party.

 I am very much aware of one church in the Soufriere community whose leader used his pulpit as a platform for an election tirade against the St. Lucia Labour Party, theSunday before general elections.

 I am very much aware also that some members of this congregation was very upset and walked out of the service during his campaign sermon.

 As someone who has high respect for God and his church like Peter Josie said, it is very unsettling the manner in which some church leaders are using their pulpits to influence the electorate of this country.

 We must be careful in the manner in which this is done since there are members of both political parties in church. This only creates further division and animosity in a society which is still healing from this election season. Further, these are the very same persons the church is trying to influence in society.

I am calling on all church leaders and Christians in particular, in this country to exercise a measure of prudence and modest conduct in the way in which they market their political messages and agendas to their congregation.

 The church is called to be the light of the world and not to be used as a prostitute for political mileage.

 I know for a fact that this so called man of God has had his issues with the District Representative and the policies of the St. Lucia Labour Party when it came to heavy equipment contracts.

 It would be interesting to find out what is in it for them. A large tithe and offering perhaps?

 If you check the Constituency Council report you will find their name there. Religious hypocrites!!


Over to you Reverend!!


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