Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Patrick Joseph: The Saint Lucia Media Have Been Silenced

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Community activist, Patrick Joseph, has declared that the  media in Saint Lucia have effectively been silenced.

He said no group, individual or party is raising a voice to object to ‘all the nonsense’ in this country.

Joseph spoke on Sunday.

The occasion was the official launch of Independent Candidate for Micoud North, Michael St Catherine.

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According to Joseph, the media are silent because no one wants to go to court.

“The court belongs to (Allen) Chastanet these days,” he stated.

“It used to belong to Kenny Anthony,” Joseph asserted, without going into detail.

He said that people in the media are very careful about the guests they invite to their media houses.

In addition, he explained that media personnel are also careful about the individuals featured in their publications.

“Recently I was on Jook Bois about some banana thing,” Joseph, a former Chairman of the then Saint Lucia Banana Corporation (SLBC), recalled.

Joseph, the former General Secretary of the Banana Salvation Committee, said he fielded questions about bananas and the ‘Monrose situation.’

And he noted that the discussion also covered farmers not getting payment for their fruit.

Joseph explained that he said what he thought about those matters on air.

However, he disclosed that some two days after that he received two legal letters at his home.

“That is how they muzzle the media,” he declared.

“Because they figure they would write me and then when they write me about the lawyers want an apology at the same station in the same manner and do all that, then I’d be afraid and I’d be quiet,” Joseph noted.

Nevertheless, the former SLBC Chairman said he has gone too far for people to attempt to muzzle him.

“I don’t know how to do it,” he asserted.

But Joseph revealed that he has not received another invitation to appear on the media.

“Because they themselves had to write an apology and all that,” he stated.

As for he himself, Joseph explained that he does not have enough education to write an apology.

Despite that, he declared that somebody or some group must take a stand and raise a voice to say ‘That is not right’.

He also spoke of the national debt, observing that people in government are borrowing to make themselves look good.

Joseph  called attention to a child in the audience, indicating that the coming generation will have to pay that debt.

“This little one sitting there and that little one – they are the ones we are putting the debt on their backs,” Joseph observed.

Headline photo: Patrick Joseph addressing launch


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