Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Paul Stresses Value Of Loyalty After Civil Servants Accept GNT’s Offer

The General Secretary of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) has highlighted the need for loyalty in the trade union movement.

He spoke after civil servants voted overwhelmingly at a June 14, 2019 meeting to accept the offer made by the Government Negotiating Team (GNT).

Paul expressed the view that because the CSA remained steadfast and kept faith in the umbrella Trade Union Federation (TUF), it was able to carve out a better deal for civil servants than other affiliates who broke ranks with the TUF and went their separate ways.

“So we see the lesson here is that there is strength in collectivity and in future we need to see that as a lesson, that industrial relations is not an easy task and it requires patience, understanding, tolerance and above all – loyalty to each other,” the CSA General Secretary told St Lucia Times on Tuesday.

He said it was only when those principles are exercised that trade unions can work together in the best interests of the people they represent.

Paul told St Lucia Times that the offer on the table that civil servants have agreed to accept is $1,800 plus two percent for the period 2016 – 2019.

He said four percent has been offered for the period 2019 to 2022 which is the current triennium.

“It is spread across one percent for the first year – 2019 to 2020; one percent for 2020 to 2021 and two percent for 2021 to 2022,” Paul explained.

The CSA official explained that the process now is for the individual affiliates to convey their acceptance to the TUF executive, which will in turn present the responses to the GNT.

“After that arrangements will be made for the signing of the collective agreement,” Paul told St Lucia Times.


  1. since you know so much about unity why you didn’t unite to get a better deal from him than that 00000 percent he gave. tell me when was the last time you got anything from slp

  2. What a fool, an ugly fool. Claude Paul must be so vex that he has nothing to argue and fight about he has been rendered totally irrelevant

  3. Divide and conquer. Once the Police sold you out,these nations representing the other civil servants were clueless.Monrose quickly rustled up some scraps for his grade 16s and bailed on the rest. This was an anticlimactic soap opera to say the least

      • Trev, you should have told the unions (not nations) that you wanted drama for you to complain that they trying to overthrow your master, PM Chastanet. Party hacks like you are so blinded that you all are confused. If the opera had soaps you would COMPLAIN. The opera had no soaps you COMPLAIN that’s anticlimactic. But give you that, (hyee chien may dee dien blanc) you admit that the police “sold out”. You political thugs will never learn.

  4. I still believe that the government needs to muster the courage to get rid of at least 30%of these lazy uncivil servants. I do however think that they should attract some foreign investment to be able to let them have a job outside of the civil service

    • I still believe that you, Anon, need to muster the courage to cut the rubbish from your lazy mind that you post by 30%.

  5. Loyalty me ***. You hypocrites are so disappointed at your failed attempt to bring down our lovely country. You tried to use the workers who you have abused continuously especially when the SLP is in government.

  6. the troll under the laybah bridge has spoken

    loyalty is what has his face stuck up Kenny’s bam bam … check how brown his lips are hahaha

    every member of the CSA/TUF should be able to do what is in their own best interest, these hacks want everyone under their brainwash program so they can hold Government to ransom, put that in your red pipe and smoke it troll

    • Cyah Nyam Me Out, I can see you read a lot of posts on American political affairs. You so much not bright like your PM that you using their words you damn party hack.

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