‘Peacemaker’ Cop Injured In Vieux Fort Attack

An off duty cop who was playing the role of peacemaker in Vieux Fort, was attacked and injured Sunday evening, multiple sources have confirmed.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, the young Special Police Constable was attempting to break up a fight when the incident occurred at the Vieux Fort Fisheries Complex.

The victim was identified as  Dennis Serieux, a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force Bicycle patrol in Castries.

It is reported that he was transported to St Jude Hospital by an ambulance from the Vieux Fort fire station.

The officer’s medical condition was not immediately clear.


  1. That Fishries In Vieux.Fort has the Highest percentage of ignorant persons .Its the Capital for all illegal Activities Two Male individuals were Recently Murdered at that Location.police off must have another police officer watching over him when responding to any incident at that Location or anywhere in St.Lucia.

    • Castries Fisherman while I understand that you are very dumb, are you too dumb to realize that you must not always make dumb comments.

  2. that off duty police officer should be given a gold medal and a cash award too for using his initiative even though unfortunately he was injured. get well soon officer!

  3. Castries fisherman you are the one who is dumb. Try to pay attention to detail. The article specifies that he was an off duty officer. Whether he is on or off duty, he should not be attacked or injured by violent individuals. Get well soon officer. Who knows, it could have been fatal it you did not intervene.

  4. Castries fisherman and Saddam two very dumb and ignored individuals . all they do is comment on news articles relating to crimes …never comment on a positive vibes . waste of internet space .

  5. I could see this officer didn’t have much knowledge of the place he was trying to be peace maker. However I applaud him for intervening cause most squabbles that occur there ends up in hospitalization. Bravo young man, hope your superiors give you your just reward.

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