Peacemaker Intervenes As Men Fight For Possession Of Cutlass In Vieux Fort

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In what some said could well have ended up as another homicide had someone not intervened, a peacemaker wrestled a cutlass from two men who were fighting for possession of the weapon.

An individual familiar with the incident told St Lucia Times it happened Wednesday at the Vieux Fort fish market.

According to reports, the two men were ribbing each other when the banter apparently touched a nerve.

As a result, the duo got physical and a cutlass became involved.

Battle for possession of weapon
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A video on social media shows the two men fighting for possession of the weapon.

As they choke each other, a voice in the background laments that no one is separating them.

“Messieurs, separate the fellas uh. Messieurs, nobody ain’t separating the fellas eh,” the male voice in the background asserts.

A shirtless man at one point appears ready to intervene.

But he backs away more than once to prevent injury as the struggle results in the cutlass suddenly being raised.

Eventually another man times his intervention and manages, with the shirtless man beside him, to take the cutlass away.

Peacemaker intervenes

A man in a green top stands nearby watching the action, while two other males walk by without even looking at the commotion.

Woman watches on as two men square off

With the cutlass out of their possession, the two men commence hand to hand combat.

However at that point the male voice in the background that had earlier been calling for someone to separate them, now eggs on the two.

“Yeah – box now,” he says with a raucous laugh.

At least one other man joins in egging on the men and laughing.

The video, which is approximately two minutes long, ends with another attempt to separate the men.

Police say no one has made a report to them regarding the incident.



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