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Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm

Pedestrian Dies In Road Accident

A 25 year old pedestrian from Faux A Chaud is dead as a result of a road accident Monday on the Vide Bouteille Highway.

The deceased has been identified as Ted Leriche.

According to emergency officials, Leriche was attempting to cross the road when he was hit by a car, resulting in one of his legs being severed from his body.

He had earlier attended the beach event – Vice, the emergency officials told St Lucia Times.

It was reported that a medical doctor who was on the scene performed CPR as the victim was being transported to Victoria Hospital.

But Leriche was later pronounced dead.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service said it received an emergency call in relation to the accident about 1:20 a.m.

A relative of the deceased told St Lucia Times that news of his tragic death came as a shock.

The relative said he had recently landed a job as a construction worker.





  1. Us st lucians are too hard of hearing. It’s sad that a young man has to lose his life like that but we need to stop acting like fools. I am yet to see how many persons will learn from this….

  2. I honestly don’t know why people refuse to use the walk-over. It’s so dangerous to cross a highway like that and such a hazard to motorists.

  3. I honestly don’t know why people refuse to use the walk-over. It’s so dangerous to cross a highway like that and such a hazard to motorists. So sorry someone had to die this way. Condolences to his family

  4. That looks like that happened by the funeral home. It would probably be a good idea to put a walkover or walk under close to the roundabout. But let’s face it, Lucians are not going to use them either way. They could be right next to each other and they would still take the lazy way. I guess when a few more die then hopefully the rest will learn.


      People necessarily take ‘…Short Cuts,’ and not necessarily ‘…Lazy Chances.’

      Seems more like the ‘…Dangerous Way’ in crossing from one side of the street to the other.

      This often results in ‘…deadly consequences.’

      At this grief-stricken moment, all shall sympathize with his bereaved family, loved ones and friends.

      Most importantly, those alive and walk or drive on the roadway, shall take heed of this horrible tragedy.

  5. There is no walkover where the dude was killed. I have always said, and will continue to say…those pedestrian crossings are the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. I find it took long for someone to get killed there. Government needs to do something better than that for pedestrians in that area…especially with some of the crazy people we have driving these days

    • Isn’ there a pedestrian crossing near the Vigie Roundabout. We all go to other countries and follow whatever rules there are. Why here we wanna break the laws and rules set by government and still blame government. SMH. What is wrong with walking to the Pedestrian Crossing?

      • St. Lucia is a land where any and everything goes. I am still amazed to see this country so lawless yet those same people so easily fall in line overseas. Amazing frankly.

  6. What has strict me is a young man, in his prime, was tragically killed and there is no expression of sympathy just blame. Heart-felt sympathy to the young man’s family. May the good Lord be eith you in your time of bereavement.

    • People must take responsibility for their actions. If the man had been more careful he would be alive.

  7. I hate to read young people deaths in such tragic situations. Please, don’t take unnecessary risks because you can hurt your loved ones. It’s even sadder because he was about to pick up a job soon. Jobs are so difficult to find.
    May his family find solace. Please accept my condolences.

  8. But would I approve an event at that location? Keeps me wondering. Considering the type of event and time of night expected to finish. SMH. Don’t think it was a wise decision to approve that event there anyways. Same way the Choc Beach vibe was stopped and Samaans Park. Just my thoughts.

    • Isn’t that DCA to police those things? Or lemme guess they wouldn’t because it happens during non working hours.

  9. You guys need to take into consideration that the guy was most likely under the influence. this is an unfortunate happening that he died.Not pointing any fingers but the root of all this is the locations of the event. the promoters are not to be blamed for his death fully but in some way they are. this is no good location for any event. BEING REALISTIC i dont think many ppl under the influence will go all the way up or down from where the event was held to cross the street. This was just very unfortunate. And this isn’t a good location for any event. We need to take safety into consideration in all aspects when planning big events like these. We need to cater for all the possibilities.

    • If he was under the influence and decided to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and he killed someone he would be held liable under the law.

      • Lets just be humans please. Unfortunate happenings. No one wants to kill anyone coming from an event. No one wants to cross the street and die.No one wants to have an event at a risky location. Where as all locations are risky to some extent, there are higher and lower risk locations. This was just a very very unfortunate due to bad decisions,bad location and alcohol. The whole thing is just unfortunate. The driver must be distorted as well.

    • The authorities permitted the event in the area, all that was missing was the traffic management component for motorists & pedestrians.I-

  10. Unfortunately a life has been lost, which in my opinion, was unavoidable. For those saying that he could have been drunk, that is no excuse. If he was drunk and decided to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and cause someone’s death he would be accountable under the law. We need to stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for our actions. Many lament that the walk over is too far. Sadly our people just do not like to follow the law/rules even to their detriment. In any other countries they would walk distances to get a bus or train and follow the rules, but here they expect a bus to go pass a bus stop and stop at their door. A walkover was put in place for our safety, we do not use it but we want to blame everyone else. As far as I understood the event was properly managed and one lane was blocked of use by partrons’ to the event. The lane closer to the median was open for use by other persons heading North. This incident occurred because of lack of adherence to simple rules. Walk along the roadside and go to the walk over. Even in the aftermath you could see a total disregard for other road users. People just decided to converge on the busiest highway on the island, with no regard for their safety and the safety of others. Wise up people.

  11. The event planners should have seen this coming. On ordinary circumstances, people dash across the road so far less at an event of this magnitude and at that time.

    What I think they should have done is, place barriers all along both sides of the road (somewhat limiting the persons crossing the road, because some @$$holes would would jump over it anyway) place devices to reduce the flow to single lanes; thereby causing a reduction in speed also.

    • Common sense is not that common. It is a highway. The job of a highway is to move vehicles along as quickly as possible. Germany has many highways with no speed limits yet they are just as safe as limited highways. Notwithstanding there is no way to plan for human stupidity. Stupid will always find a way. On another note, had it been some white person who died there I’m sure barriers would go up. Case in point, near Rodney Bay Marina.

  12. The ironic thing about the crossover is, if it was not there people would be complaining about needing one. Some of us who went to school when the Student Companion was widely used can remember one cleche that says A Short Cut May Be the Wrong Cut. One do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that when metal meet flesh, the metal will win all the time. People have to learn that they have to obey or pay. Sadly, this young man paid with his life.

  13. First of all the location of the event was awful hence the reason for them holding back on it for so long.
    Secondly once someone is under the influence they’re obviously not thinking well enough to take a 5 minute walk to the cross over. Also lets bare in mind that the cross over is near Bisee where all the thieves are.
    Thirdly when the tragedy happened No sympathy was given, not a R.I.P from the Verve team instead they were already promoting their next event ‘Hooked’, until their asses got flamed by a young lady on social media. Could have been any of us so stop with the foolishness.

  14. Aren’t there any speed limits in St Lucia? For someone to get hit by a car and have a leg severed the vehicle would have to have been going way to fast to be legal. So regardless of the deceased having had a drink or two the driver would also have been at fault. My condolences to his family.

  15. Guys CTF on, how is it the promoter’s fault… Events are held at P island and you choose after the event to walk in the sea and drown WHOS FAULT IS IT? Choops man the guy Drunk, HIGH or sober made a stupid decision which cost him… no one to be blame but him.

  16. This fellow was 25 years old, he wasn’t a child. you can’t expect government to coddle grown people who should know how to take care of themselves. I’ve traveled St. Lucian roads many times. Pedestrians seem to lack fear of traffic. Often vehicles pass dangerously close to people walking roadside. Pedestrians seem to think that they have the “right of way”. With that kind of attitude you must also realize that “you have the right to die.” Respect traffic! you’ll be OK.

  17. Most of these young persons play the fool when they are under the influence of Alcohol and other Drugs .If He had done the Rightful thing He would be Still be enjoying life.Question who will Be Responsible to repair the Damages of the Vehicle

  18. Some st.lucians are acting like god’s secretary, like they’re perfect, someone has lost his life tragically and we’ve blabbering about wrongdoing….Not a sympathetic message for the family and friends of this young men…..Shame on all of you goody 2 shoes…..To the family and friends of this young man…. i extend my sincere and heartfelt sympathies…May god give you strength, during such a tragic time….May his soul rest in perfect peace…To you critical perfectionists remember he who haven’t sin cast the first stone

  19. Hit by a car, his leg was broken he died. Seriously? Hope the organ trade is not taking place in st.lucia too, i know its in jamaica. Are there jamaican paramedics i st.lucia? Think twice and hard of what the world have become. No one is safe, no place is safe, trust no one.

  20. He was on the influence of alcohol it’s so sad to see he go like that he was a very nice person if we don’t have something to eat he will give you leave it up to you’ll St Lucia ur’ll have so much nonsense talk about people you’re don’t even know r.ip.ted

  21. The authorities permitted the event in the area, all that was missing was the traffic management component for motorists & pedestrians.

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