‘People Are Moving Away From The Church’

Superintendent Methodist Minister of the Mathodist Church here, Seth Ampadu, asserting that people are moving away from the church, has declared that it does not mean that they are moving away from God.

“So many people have so many reasons why they do not go to church,” he said in an interview Monday.

According to Ampadu, persons have offered reasons including time constraints for not going to church, but make clear that they are still connected to God.

“Again, if you look at Saint Lucia, because of the hotels and other things some people – the young people that we need in church, some of them also work on Sundays. They need to get money. So the point is we need people to connect to God, that is the first and foremost thing,” the Methodist Minister explained.

“The church cannot save – it is only Christ Jesus who saves,” Ampadu stated, adding that the focus of attention must be on the Christ.

He observed that the fact that people do not come to church does not mean that they have deserted God.

“The majority of them will tell you that they still have a connection with God,” Ampadu told reporters.

He noted that in the days when the churches were ‘packed’ there were no religious programmes on radio and television.

“But today, almost everywhere there is a church TV, so people prefer to stay at home and connect, listening to radio ministries and other things, so it does not change the fact that people are still connected to God,” the Methodist Clergyman explained.





  1. When we have church elders and leaders endorsing the corrupt and immoral behaviour of their flock people will move away.

  2. Heb: 10v25 says. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, AS THE MANNER OF SOME IS; but extorting one another: and so much the more, as you see the day approaching.

  3. Mon Signor Seth,

    I think you are in denial. People are not blind as you think they are. Religion is a sham and a scam. It’s history is as dirty as it’s look of innocence today. You honestly believe a man called Jesus Christ raised Lazarus from the dead? Gave the blind sight? walked on water? Cast out demons from others when actually these people suffered mental illness, And he himself (Jesus Christ) rose from the dead after being dead 3 days and floated up to heaven? REALLY?, HONESTLY? Is not that a bunch of necromantic hogwash? Even today people in Church appear to be in a state of ecstasy when singing/praying/casting out demons, when in fact its a dose of dopamine rushing to their brain that drives their state of euphoria. Ain’t that DOPE? – pun intented. Not because its in the bible makes it true. What you see happening is that people’s eyes are opening to this thing they called religion and what it represents……A bunch of lies and superstitions. In the western world where people are free to practice their faith, numbers are actually dropping in the church….but it will take a millennium or more to rid this earth of this poison they called religion. By all means keep praying to the pie in the sky….But religion will grow into insignificance as its lies are revealed and exposed for all to see. So stop smoking that HOPE-PIUM – pun intended ….Science and it’s inquiring mind is far more enlightening than religion…..

    • Just to add another note.

      Isn’t it ironic that the countries or regions of the World that are the most religious are the most oppressive, most brutal, most underdeveloped, high rates of poverty, poor health care, most corrupt administrations, less human rights, most oppressive to women, minorities, children, oppression of LGBTQ+ and the list goes on…In a sentence, religion keeps a country and its people behind, causes tunnel vision and lack of progression, rigid, unbending, unwilling to change opinion when wrong or even unwilling to change opinion when times have changed and new ways of doing things has come about…

      True religion has done some good things but it is nothing compared to the damage it has caused in the entire history the human race. Today, It has ONLY the appearance of a toothless tiger, but a tiger by nature cannot change it’s ways.

      Religion is the opium of the masses….Karl Marx

  4. Yes Mr. Church minister, they are leaving because you are not doing Gods work; here you are in an article saying this; GO TO THE PEOPLE, AND WIN SOULS FOR THE LORD!

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