Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Periodic Physical Fitness Tests Proposed For Saint Lucia Cops

The founder of a Boot Camp here that promotes physical exercise and healthy eating, has underscored the need for members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to be physically fit.

“I believe it is important for all police officers to be physically fit,” says Nehemiah Morille, who is himself a police officer.

Speaking Monday during the MBC Television programme Police Insight, Morille expressed the view that every three months police officers should be given a test to determine their physical fitness.

He told programme hosts Shervon Matthieu and Camron Laure that cops should not maintain physical fitness only as a means of performing their duties in the police force, but for their families as well.

“If you are obese your children will suffer because money will be going into medication,” Morille explained.

He recalled an incident when he and a colleague were on foot patrol and saw a male individual run past them.

According to Morille, a woman was screaming indicating that the fugitive had committed a crime.

He noted that the man had by that time, left the area by Dilly’s Supermarket and was heading towards Chaussee Road.

Morille said he and his partner were able to pursue the suspect, nabbing him on Chaussee Road, because they were both physically fit.

He also recalled another incident which occurred while he was walking along Bridge Street near the Lamar building.

Morille said a fleeing male individual was identified as the person who had chopped another man near the Dennery bus stand.

Morille told Police Insight that he was carrying a firearm at the time and a plate of food.

He recalled that he handed  the plate to a passerby and gave chase, eventually arresting the suspect by the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

Morille disclosed ruefully that to this day, he does not know what became of his food.

He revealed that he started his Boot Camp, which is still going strong, in 2013, despite some negative talk about the initiative.

Morille said one of his biggest successes was in relation to a woman who was a diabetic and taking medication for the illness.

“She started with me from day one,” he revealed, adding that the woman is now off all medication through exercise and healthy eating.

“I pushed her to the limit. She started running from Gros Islet to Pigeon Island and back,” he said.

He indicated that when the woman started, she could barely walk a distance.


  1. Mr. Morille, the Government needs to hire you. You can do Workouts and give dietary advise in schools for educators and students, hospitals for workers and patients, and of course law enforcement. I look at some police officers and many of them look like they are 18 months pregnant. We supposed to eat to live and not live to eat. Mr. Morille you are also correct about obesity; it is costly.

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