Peter Alexander criticizes the media

Peter Alexander, the Chairman of the Organization for National Empowerment (ONE), believes that a “large percentage” of the media here have their own agenda.

“If what you say does not suit them then obviously, you are ostracized,” Alexander asserted.

The comments of the ONE Chairman came as he acknowledged that his political group has been in hibernation.

He attributed the situation to the media not seeing it fit to asking ONE’s opinion on a number of issues.

“We were ready to comment,” Alexander told reporters.

He said now that persons are aware that the organization has an opinion on matters, they can approach the group to get its views on issues that affect the country.

“We have always been there – it is just that the media have stopped seeking us questions because they felt our position was too in line with the last administration,” Peter Alexander observed.

With regard to the new government of Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, he felt that Chastanet should explain the new configuration of his cabinet to the nation.

Alexander was also of the opinion that Chastanet needs to address the matter of fuel prices, following this week’s announcement of an increase.

He recalled that Chastanet’s party, which was then in opposition, had organized a march over fuel prices.

Alexander said he remembered that several persons attempting to explain to the United Workers Party (UWP) leader, that the government did not have control over fuel prices and was not making extra money on fuel.

“But lo and behold, Mr. Chastanet was paying no mind,” the ONE official declared.

Alexander said:

“He really believed that the last administration was superficially keeping the prices high. He is now in office and needs to investigate what he claimed happened and let us know by how much we were overcharged for the gas and reduce it by that amount. Failing that he needs to accept that he was wrong.”

Peter Alexander explained that politicians should learn to be careful what they say, because it can come back to haunt them.