‘Peter Pan’ Shot Dead In La Clery

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The gun violence plaguing Saint Lucia continued Tuesday when a man identified as ‘Peter Pan’ was shot dead in La Clery, Castries around 8:00 am.

Details surrounding the shooting, currently under investigation by the police, are sketchy.

Police on the scene

But individuals on the scene said the deceased sustained multiple gunshot wounds and died in the river area behind the Vide Bouteille Primary School.

According to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), the Island has recorded 29 homicides for the year.

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There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. It has now become a trend because hardly anyone is being caught. The criminals have the upper hand because they have easy access to guns and eyewitnesses are afraid to share information. Do we have criminal investigators ? Everyone on the streets knows what’s going on except them. People send clues on social media, but they are unable to deduce necessary information to make a case for conviction. Why are most public servants getting paid?

  2. i remember coming home from a bus last week and a young primary school child from the blue and white uniform the pretigious school with another child from the other prestigious school with the orange brown n white uniform by wasco dey were cursing on the bus…i had to intervene in that nonsense….likkle pee panty cannot wash but them young kids cursing on the bus..i wonder how these children are at home cuz if my mother had hear any complaints like dat when i was younger sticks in my RATID i cannot sit……these children should be i say a blesisng from God but their behaviour is what becomes the crime tomorrow…these parents if you all know yourll kids behaviour disgusting so honestly its a disgrace to humanity and tomorrow…

  3. St. Lucia is in deep trouble where do we go from there masav..I’m sad to see no body don’t have a solution for the crime in the entire country #one the head of government is crooked even a blind bat can see..When preaching hatred in a country a minister on Facebook don’t have a good name calling everyone bitch I’m sad because our young men are dying..slp pay the devil so that St. Lucia get some peace

  4. I believe everyone on the island been trying to finds a means of reducing crime on island, but we fail to realize that just crime is similar to everyday skills. Meaning if you teach a child enough bad things they will prove you right. So to make it make sense we need to provide the young generation from 2-14 years how to increase their moral compass skills. Because it’s lacking for sure. If we want to see a change start where the criminals start from the beginning as innocent individuals

  5. We know that the crime situation is bad but even worse is the political interference that is instigating further damage. The police hands are tied and it’s not because of the public criticizing them or not giving them information. A video taken from a Vieux Fort establishment where the last murder took place is in circulation and everyone knows the individual who did it yet still he is bold enough to walk the streets. The police has not taken him in, not even for questioning because he is being protected by the political establishment. There is another one who to date may have been responsible for at least 3 murders walking freely, again protected by the political establishment.

  6. You talking to stop crime, NEVER; what do you expect when a murderer is locked up among others, but he is let go and finds his way to Jamaica? how can anyone stop that kind of devilish crime on this small Island? Prime Minister PjP may be a good man, but void of the kind of Leadership required in todays’ St. Lucia; see who he has around him in top Cabinet positions. I don’t think he’s the one calling the shots, I don’t have to tell you – gone are the days of a decent St. Lucia – ruled by an unholy trinity – crime gone mad, Lord we need you.

    • …..TALK YOUR USUAL CRAPOLA !! What does politics has to do with this shooting FOOL ??? What are the circumstances that lead up to this ??? Gang , drugs, war with another man, he beat his baby mother, informer, he teeef, WHAT IS POLITICAL ABOUT THIS JACKASS ???????? IF there was no political parties in the country, do you seriously believe there would no crime like these in St Lucia given the times we living in ?? I don’t know what world you are living in, the heart of man is the heart of man if he is wicked he will do evil.

      • It has a lot to do with politics and politicians. If there were no political parties there would be some kind of leadership in the country. You were the same one or are you an imposter who was blaming Chas less than a year ago. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it seems to be squeezing.

  7. When an entire country becomes desensitized to murders, that country is in big trouble. The frequency of these deadly shootings, even in broad daylight, brings into question the the competence of the incumbent administration to govern.

    When this administration was in opposition, oh, how they excoriated their predecessors about the escalating crime rate. They had the ideas and wherewithal to greatly reduce criminal activity to negligible numbers. Unfortunately, it has exacerbated on their watch.

    A possible solution is a collective approach. The SLP, UWP, business sector, the clergy, civic groups, and a wide cross section of civil society must come together, in all seriousness, absent of partisan politics, then devise a Master Plan, short, mid and long term plans, to control this runaway crime train.

    Throwing our hands in the air or playing the blame game, is not an option.

    • The SLP don’t want advise. Look at what happened in parliament.
      They have all the solutions. Refusing to let the opposition talk.

  8. Committing a crime is often times a voluntary act. Therefore, please don’t blame anyone for someone else’s conscious criminal behavior. Thank you.

  9. It’s a wonderful thing that the public is being awaken to the senseless slaughter. This mayhem is the child of poor political leadership and inept policing.
    Three governments have treated rising deadly crime like a fly landing on the face. All three have seated their flunkies in the important security position. We are in such a bad place when a minister believes that 12 police vehicles would fix this deadly situation. What about the much touted illegal gun law? Any forward thinking party would have the framework for such vital legislation ready in the event it won general election.
    Next, failure to enforce existing laws have created a generation that flouting the law seems normal. Also, poor hiring choices from politicians have gotten us to this point. Misfits without leadership qualities have never inspired subordinates. We are all walking on eggshells. One can be snuffed out by a stray bullet.

    I wish the people concerned would simply do their jobs and stop their preoccupation with Chas. He WAS there…notice, it’s past tense. You are in charge, act maturely and decisively.

  10. Homicides are no longer news worthy. These are now everyday occurrences. What a shame for a small island like ours where the police are unable to control the crime situation due to political interference and an inept PSC. Where friends who are being rewarded with top positions seem unprepared and clueless as to the demands of the gifted positions. What a sad state of affairs. I suspect that pretty soon, the criminals will be the ones offering us protection. The true making of a failing state.

    • you think the police cant control the crime? i believe they can. the reason they acting like they cant control it is when they do their job people like you and me criticize them for using to much force (although sometimes they do) or lash out at them and try to prevent them from doing their duties also not to mention that Soucer America always watching every move. i dont think we want to be in another impacts report

  11. This is really sad. This is a route that the children use often and commuters also. We need some kind of intervention in this country

  12. So now they are shooting near our schools, innocents could have been shot. What is going on, this island is no longer Paradise, its a mess.

    • joke you making even yesterday on the pave bus stand shots was fired and it hit a bus that had a few passengers luckily no one was hurt them fellas just going on mad now smh


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