Phase Two Of Seven Crops Project To Commence

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The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development and the Taiwan and Technical Mission have officially signed the agreement to commence phase two of the Enhancement of Efficiency in the Production-Distribution Supply Chain of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector Project more commonly known as the Seven Crops Project.

The Seven Crops Project since inception has seen an increase in the production of the selected seven crops, the revitalization of agriculture intelligence information systems, the establishment of stable markets for farmers, and the introduction of new technologies, all with the goal of lowering Saint Lucia’s food import bill.

Phase two of the joint initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Taiwan Technical Mission will see an expansion to include crops other than the initial seven crops chosen.

Ambassador of the Republic of China Taiwan to Saint Lucia, H.E. Peter Chia-yen Chen pledged Taiwan’s support to continue to work with the people of Saint Lucia to support the growth and development of the agriculture sector of Saint Lucia.

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Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food Security and Rural Development, Hon. Alfred Prospere, expressed gratitude to the Government and people of Taiwan for their ongoing support in developing Saint Lucia’s agriculture sector.

Minister Prospere also explained that while phase two of the project will allow for continued production assistance to stakeholders and farmers, the project’s primary focus will be on market access and marketing.

The second phase of the Enhancement of Efficiency of the Production-Distribution Supply Chain in the Fruits and Vegetable Sector project will run for a period of five years, culminating in 2022.

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  1. This piece is just a bu ch of words with no information. What are the seven crops? When did that project begin? Who are the farmers participating in this project? Where are the farms located? How did you arrive at the success of the project? How can a farmer be a part of the process? I can go on and on. I cannot understand how the people in charge of these ministries refuse to be informative. Maybe all they care about is their name following the title Minister and preceeding ministry of .

  2. If the government actually wants to help farmers and to encourage farming, please….please remove all import duties on ALL agricultural products. I don’t see why this can’t be done.

  3. What are the 7 crops of the Seven Crops Project? That certainly would be useful information for your audience! Journalists need to anticipate the likely questions their target audience might have, and make an effort to provide useful answers accordingly. That is a constituent part of good journalism. Frankly, some of us who devotedly read this online publication have had it with the mediocrity of some of the journalistic pieces that are churned out to the public daily. Remember to devotedly answer the 5 “W’s” for the sake of your devoted audience: “Who?”, “What”, “When?”, “Why?” and “Where?”. Build your media house solidly, Who knows? Some day you may launch into television or a wider market, and you can outdo the competition if you diligently do your work and excel above the rest of the media houses — some of whom have settled for mediocrity all the way through!

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