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Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm
Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm
Updated on July 11, 2020 1:55 pm

Philip J. Pierre Says ‘Wind Of Change’ Moving Across Saint Lucia

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has declared that  the wind of change can be felt moving across this nation.

“More and more St. Lucians are rising up to express their frustration with this current administration’s incompetence, consistent failures, blatant corruption and undemocratic practices,” he stated.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader made the comments on the official Facebook page of the party on Tuesday.

Tuesday was the day when members of the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) and their supporters gathered for a second time in about a week outside parliament to make their presence felt, over a government decision to demolish the Royal Gaol in Castries.

The Trust has described the demolition of the building of ‘immense historic value’ as a ‘dangerous precedent’.

The organisation accused the Allen Chastanet administration of reneging on a legally binding agreement .

“Philip J. Pierre recalled that as he walked into the gates of Parliament, many individuals were present and unafraid to showcase your disappointment in the administration.

” Do not relent! Continue to stand firm. Real change can only take place when we forgo silence and maintain the resistance together,” he urged.


  1. we are not doing enough in st Lucia for change all we do is a lot of talking and little to no action. we need to and start making people uncomfortable some may even have to loose their lives if we want real change. all we have is red and yellow playing in the river on the bank with us taking turns to oppress the nation .we people need to stand a demand change

  2. WHAT CHANGE?, we will just be replacing one set of actors but maintaining the same script. The change could have come when you Pip were in power and should have stood up against some of the crap Kenny and Tony did. Instead you went along with the script. You could have changed the script. So Pip enough of you and your jibberish.

  3. If in change you mean different, making the tough decisions while communicating with the public, and no in the dark shenanigans? Then I’m with you. Else it’s just going to be the same

  4. he is right. the wind of change will blow him out of power once again. uwp has been the silent and strong majority. we waiting for you piere and the volaires in your party; you all will be gone like the wind!

  5. The only wind is the wind you’re blowing out your A$$. and the change will be the smell caused by your A$$ wind.

    • look like the truth hurts. go wash your stretched out back cavity filled with other men’s deposit. you piece of sheet!

    • We are worst than Tibetans we as a people we have never fought over anything in this country that’s why the status quo remains the same. One set of people for generations controls most the lands and wealth they continue to dig us deeper into debt, they sell our birthright and pull the rug from underneath us with their accord of betterment when in reality it’s they and their families will be better. They have never struggled but yet the people are struggling to be1/3 like them.

  6. Unfortunately St Lucia is not ready for an election. We are not happy with the current government, and personally am not thrilled with the other party. Frankly am so tired with all the political noise. So please Mr minister put a pause on your wind of change.

  7. First time Lucian Highgrade you said something of substance, but do you realize that the party you consider your God has occupied the seat of government more in the last 25 years and has done nothing to initiate change for the better instead have oppressed us just the same. PJP to be honest I can’t see you ever becoming St Lucia’s PM and if SLP is smart they would change their leadership in the coming months. I would consider totally new blood or look at Alva or Shawn to lead the party into the next election.

  8. Pierre that wind might blow you away too. After your victory you will plead with civil servants that there is no money….I am on my way out you all politicians continue to fool the people
    . I wish there was a viable option.. away with SLP & UWP…

  9. Philip Pierre I am tired and frustrated with both SLP and UWP and you and your associates are contributing more to this. All you do is complain, complain and it is really annoying. You stated “More and more St. Lucians are rising up to express their frustration with this current administration’s incompetence, consistent failures, blatant corruption and undemocratic practices,”. Yet still you have not said that your party will bring the UWP to the highest court for all what you have accused them of including corruption. If you care so much about the people of Saint Lucia, why I am not hearing any of this. All I am hearing from you and your members are desperation to be in power and to be in office. Convince me why should I vote for you and the SLP please! because my respect for you has started to dwindle especially in the vitriolic manner in which you and your associates continue to display yourselves in the public and in the house.

  10. You think you can put change or better St. l. ucia. Pierre. You better think again..the only changes that can happen is between you and your colleagues .you’ll need to change your attitudes gone are the days when the house of parliament used to have good standards. now. It’s like a place of gambling..ministers calling each other name. They are very Disrespectful …so tell me something. how do you expect the youth to behave. ..I believe the change have began with you stop behaving like school children. Be an example. you’re not better than anyone. Only God can change the world

  11. Mr PJP … IS … the “new normal”.
    Spreading hate, instead of giving solutions.
    Spreading racism, instead of having people to look within themselves of where we came from.
    Spreading division, instead of having people come together for one common goal.
    Spreading enabling, instead of EDUCATING people on how they can achieve for their livelihood and well-being.
    PJP and the SLP should be showing St Lucia how to survive, how to live, how to enable ourselves … no wonder we no longer have family values, value for oneself, we no longer have any pride in our country and what we do, and can do. No history to be proud of.
    I am so ashamed of having PJP on my social media, on my TV, on my radio – and IN St Lucia. Just his manner of speech is a turnoff.
    I have absolutely NO admiration for him, and his party. They will not allow me. So sad!!

  12. Pierre the only wind that is blowing for change is the wind that blow you out of Marchand and this will be history the leader of a party will lose. His seat in the next election so don’t get comfortable they are tired of you lost of hope minister that your new name.After so many years representing Marchand what have you done to better the community you feel you own nothing so where t the hell you think the wind will blow in. Your. Direction to send you on political retirement.Pierre I think you know by now slp can never win the next election with you as leader stop fooling yourself and step down as leader

  13. I hate that for the next elections I have to choose the “better” of two evils, a white man who only listens to himself or a desperately hungry black man who had the chance many times but never spoke up!…I want Theorald Prudent, Andre De Caires and Jimmy Fletcher to put together a team!!!

  14. I wish I shared your sentiments Mr Pierre cause I really want the wind of change to blow. However if it has to blow in the direction of you being PM I think it better do a Gilbert. Based on your track record and more so your recent rants which has been way of base, another 5 years of Chas will suffice. SLP needs to reorganize and find a good leader among their ranks of they want to seat on the other side of the house. Helaire Juwfali and Pierre should not even run for a seat with the nonsense they are trying to send Earnest to Laborie. They tried it last election it didn’t work. Just remember it will never work. Let these guys stay somewhere on the side. New blood is required in most constituencies and already they have started on the wrong footing by recycling that SSDF fool and Granny Emma.

  15. I.agree with your comment…let them brag aboutvwind of change… silent voters are definitely those politicians need to fear.

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