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Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm
Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm

Photo of Students With Guns Prompts Saint Lucia Police Probe

Saint Lucia Police have launched an investigation into the posting on social media of a photograph of two male students holding what appear to be firearms.

Both students, who seem to be in heir mid teens, are wearing school uniforms.

One is pointing a handgun towards the camera, while the other cradles what looks like a pump action shotgun.

“We have received the photos and presently our Intelligence Team is developing the investigation with regard to those photos. Consequent to that assessment we would know from our police perspective exactly how to move forward,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Responsible for Crime and Intelligence, Wayne Charlery, told St Lucia Times.

Charlery said the guns appear to be real.

“This is why we are taking it so seriously,” he explained.

There have been suggestions that the photo of the students with guns is an old one.

But Charlery said he did not know whether that is true.

“I don’t know if it’s an old picture – that’s the first time I am seeing it, so we are treating it as if it is not old at all. Obviously it is a source of concern and we are doing our best to try to deal with that incident as appropriately as possible,” he told St Lucia Times.


  1. Here is the predicament!

    The students can say that the image was photoshopped and Case closed! You see our laws are prehistoric and archaic. How can law enforcement act on a digital image that they cannot process? This incident is troubling nonetheless as I will always beleive what I see and they and their adult accomplices must be aprehended asap!

  2. Whether the photo is old/ recent is not the issue. What we need to know is who are the ones supplying the youths with those guns…n when we do find out who they r, make an example out of them. To often that we hear shootings, robberies, killings etc being committed by teens. Both teens n the ones supplying them with those weapons need to be dealt with accordingly.

  3. Whether the photo is old/ recent is not the issue. Whet we are interested in is who are the ones supplying those delinquents the weapons.

    To often we hear of shootings, robberies, killings etc done by teens. When urll do find out who are the suppliers, our police need to make an example of the criminals n the teens

  4. I must admit it’s not new to me at all in the timez of all the gang affiliations in St Lucia. Like death row,boarder line ,fire house,house of gunz, and the usual which still remain.This was the mode to especially ” loud talkers and individuals in society which would mislead and spread false information about certain people! But to see it again just goes to show how frustrated and desperate the youth are. In this situation what form of justice would be implemented? Sending them to boardalaise? ! I say open avenues to see that these young men get sent straight to an army base facility where they will learn to respect fire arms and get educated at the same time .we need to stop dismissing as delinquent and embrace them to the art they chose. I believe this form of ” discipline” would better the country and it’s progress in crime prevention!

  5. Both of them should be. arrested and interviewed. in. the. presence of their parents and guardians .And whosover.
    gve them these weapons. to play. the fool should be arrested. and Charged for aiding and abetting and other. charges

  6. So that’s true; saint Lucia is now breeding criminals! You all are lucky; they stop ORC, and the hangman! because we don’t need your roots in the land!

  7. “The police would only say that the matter is under investigation.”
    … and … case closed.

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