Thursday, February 20, 2020

Photos Of Drunken Youths On Social Media Cause Alarm

The Saint Lucia National Youth Council (SLNYC) sees a link between photos of intoxicated youths that have been posted on social media and a major social crisis in this country.

The council issued a hard hitting statement Monday in the wake of a weekend event in the North of Saint Lucia at which it said young people who were in attendance were heavily intoxicated and unable to function properly.

“They were seen lying down on the ground and this is in fact a sign of social crisis,” SLNYC Public Relations Officer, Eddison Layne told reporters at a news conference.

“It is getting to the worst of the worst and we are seeing that more and more young people are being seen as a market for the sale of alcohol, rather than the creative and inspirational individuals that they are,” Layne lamented.

He called on organisers of the event to fully understand the severity of the situation.

The SLNYC official questioned whether checks and balances were in place at the activity. It was held at Pigeon Island.

Eddison Layne

According to Layne, the event occurred on the heels of carnival where there are events in so many communities involving the same concept of consumption of an ‘absurd amount’ of alcohol directed towards young people.

He asserted that the authorities ought to investigate and take action in cases where youths are under the age of 18.

The SLNYC official declared that people must be held accountable.

He expressed the view that it is not enough to put ‘Drink Responsibly’ on a bottle of alcohol or simply air an advertisement echoing the same sentiment.

He stated that companies that produce alcohol should be mandated to contribute to social and youth development, in addition to social programmes and rehabilitation for those adversely affected by their product.

“We cannot allow our youths to go through the cracks,” Layne asserted.

He noted that many lives over the years have been ravaged and affected by alcohol consumption here in Saint Lucia.

“For events where young people are going to attend, there should be no alcohol,” the NYC Public Relations Officer declared.

He observed that youths are seen as a large market for alcohol at a time when the health care system is under tremendous pressure.

The NYC spokesman made it clear that he was not implying that young people who attended the event  cannot be held accountable.

But he explained that it is still within the purview of the authorities, including parents, to look after young people.


  1. Yo, they drank a lil too much but would you rather them driving home wile intoxicated and all tired?
    So they decided to take a rest and so what …🤨

  2. Yo, they drank a lil too much but would you rather them drive home while intoxicated and all tired?
    So they decided to take a rest and so what …🤨

  3. Young man, I’ll give you a life lesson today. The youth are replicating the behaviour of the adults. This country has an alcohol addiction problem. Of the 190 countries polled this one is 35 on consumption. Have you ever walked Jeremie Street? All hours of day and night, alcohol is being sold and abused. Drunks all over laying on streets. We have laws guiding the authorities right to refuse liquor licenses:

    (d) that the premises are likely to be a nuisance to the neighbourhood;
    (f) that there is a sufficient number of premises already licensed to meet the needs of the neighbourhood;
    (k) that the premises are within 200 yards of a school, church or place of public worship

    Anglican and Cathloic churches, RC Boys, Ave Maria, Methodist all within 200 yards of all those rum shops. Residents in Castries have long complained about those rumshops. Will the authorities do anything about it? Nope. Because of who stands to lose if they actually apply the laws. Laws that will lead to reduced sales for the alcohol producers and distributors? Companies owned and run by people that are buddy buddy with those politicians.

    • We don’t want to face reality we just want to drink away the pain and get it good for the night. Tomorrow go see for itself when it comes. and we wonder why we cn never make progress

      • it amazes me how foolish the young people can be. Alcohol are destroying your lives. you dont need alcohol to ‘get it good’ and you dont need alcohol to get away from ur pain. hypertension, liver failure and kidney failure are the only things you are gonna get with alcohol. Oh.. and a life of addiction which entails a long list of complications and psychological effects. Have a blessed day

  4. So? My son was at that event. Was driven home after a great time. Slept if off Sunday morning. No fights, stabbings or other violence.
    I did the same at their age. No problem. Direct your vitriol to the middle age taxi and bus drivers who routinely drive whilst drunk and cause death and destruction on the roads.

  5. All negativity as a fellow youth tries to highlight a generational problem in our society!!! These are tell tale signs that NORMAL parents should not ignore.
    @ Honky Tonk Woman- The majority of fatal accidents in the North are caused by the young (inexperienced) so the crap you talking about bus drivers etc is nonsensical!! Your son was never at the event- he spent the night on a yacht with some rich old men who like to stuff chocolate holes! As a parent you were duped!
    @ Anonymous- no one ask for your ” life’s lessons” lady!!! Take a lesson from today’s concerned-youths for a change! Maybe it will help your personal relationships!
    @ Lee- its all well and good that they didn’t try to drive in this state, but if you are reasonable as you sound like, then you should appreciate that there must be a need for concern here!

    Until the next show!

  6. That new generation spoiling all events. They want to be in everything, and they cannot handle alcohol.
    Some of them shouldnt even be drinking alcohol cuz they underage. I was at the show and I can tell you there were persons under 18.

    But you cannot entirely blame the show organizer, they will find a way to get the tickets. We weed stricter parenting in St.Lucia. Half of them didn’t even know where their children were. Its sad, when I was young I wouldn’t dare ask my mother to go out farless to a rave that starts at mid night where they soak you with water and throw powder on you all night long. Doctors will make money this week, its really sad.

    We need to wake up, stop blaming politics and everybody else for the bad parenting in St.Lucia..

    • The lodge men at the brewery and chastanet are the ones benefiting from the selling of alcohol

  7. Bottom line st Lucia is lawless when it comes to these events….14 15 year old will be present….

  8. Government Shoild Close Down all these Rum offices on Jeromie Street .The Capital of Strong white Rum is a Rum Shop next to wings of love .Young men and women the Strong Rum have Change their Facial appearance its a Disgrace to see the Condition of these persons on that Block .Lord have Mercy

    • That’s beyond disgrace. That is a burden on taxpayers and our already rubbish healthcare system. Those are the same people that end up with all manners of lifestyle diseases related to alcoholism. Where do they end up. In VH.

    • How about windward and leeward brewery where the make piton Heineken and Guinness and those dirty Freemason like yan tito lanfraze and the dirty old man in charge of security Floyd they are all a bunch of devils

  9. They don’t have to be at a fete to drink, they can drink as much alcohol at their home. Stop blaming others for the actions of these young people. It is a choice people make to drink excessively. Rum was not poured down their throats. Raise your children the right way and stop blaming other. Second I would rather find them resting at a fete than intoxicated driving or wondering the streets which place them in harm’s way to get robbed or I’ll treated. Finally it was a day break fete and many of these people were tired before they even came to the fete. Alcohol mixed with fatigue is a recipe for disaster.
    My only agreement with their statement is that check points should be set up for the underage individuals.

  10. Well that’s how it is every time there is a big name fete in st Lucia. So what’s the big hooray hooray about drunk youths n wat they do wen they drink n hv fun at a fete? This happens everywhere

  11. Mr. Joe’s comment is very simple
    People (choose) to do what they want .
    From the time they cut your nable string you are on your own you’re no longer attached to anybody you are your own remote you choose your destiny you know fire is hot,,ice is cold you choose to do good you’ll be good choose to do bad you’ll be bad ..there’s no such thing as trials or inotherwords am trying a thing.. no one is influencing you to do anything you pick your cards you play it .. anyone who does bad things to themselves are the ones who feels it nobody else… others feels sorry for you but that’s all they can do.. you responsible for you.. so to the younger generation life is what you make it. DON’T BOTHER TO BLAME ANYTHING, OR ANYONE (blame your self).

  12. Such a sad state of affairs!!! This alcohol abuse is worse than you all think. There are even sports young men and women that find pleasure in drinking whilst playing their sporting discipline. ITS JUST A SAD SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS… MAY JEHOVAH HELP US ALL

    • Very sad and people better wake up because these are the people who will be making decisions for you later

  13. interesting read with all those comments. Everyone seems to hv a point. Let us act on the laws. Stop giving licenses to sell alcohol within 200 yards of schools and places of worship. I don’t understand how a 14/15 yr old child is at a fete being held after 10:00p.m. It means no parenting and no policing. Strict policy EVERYBODY walk with your ID to get in. Oh btw those sleeping on the wet sand did not have vehicles driving. Up to 5 p.m. we still had some in g islet streets loss having just gotten up. And those who had vehicles all drove off like mad men n even had 6 accidents between Point and Rodney Bay in the morning.

  14. Its OK to go out one night,drink all you can puke like a dog and sleep under the stars.You need this when you are young,you have to experience the puking and your head exploding.A normal boy will learn,and he will know his limits.Old folk drink because it helps to kill the pains of the body and the mind.The problem is that the good fellings are adictive,and that is bad for the body,alcohol cooks the guts,till they get white and stop working.Its their choice and their pleasure,we can never control all this

    • I’m a parent, I have no issue with my 18 yr old son going out and partying till the sun comes up, I also have no issue if he gets drunk at one event. That’s just being a teenager. This is why, I caution him, I have always explained the adverse effects of overconsumption and how it can slowly destroy the body. We as parents need to sit and discuss these adversities with out kids. KIDS ARE THE PARENTS RESPONSIBLITY, no one else.
      College kids in the western world enjoy their youth, they even go steps further than our kids by taking other elicit substances. But for some reason these same kids become lawyers, doctors etc..
      The youth seen in these pics are the same ones who attend to you at the bank, the ones who are at College right now and so on.
      PARENTS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. Speak to your kids, have convos with them as you would with your colleagues.
      THE LAW NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. I was at this event myself, none of these officers asked for ID.

  15. Its so sad to c the youth like ths and thy believe tht having fun is drinking lots of alcohol. but its nt becz to hve fun is nt even abt drinkinh

  16. This is the state of mind our leaders want us to have. 15 semi carnival after the main carnival, six months of fete and many of them are financed by the tax payers money but our schools are reopening and not yet repaired. The government must stop using the people as asses and change the activities that it presents to our people.

  17. This has been happening for awhile now, my first time at ‘Live in Colour”(2016) i remember people sleeping on the beach shore till morning. My only problem is that if the persons are under-age, if you are an adult it is your responsibility to take of yourself. I wasn’t there this year so it might of been a more a pronounce occurrence than previous years. So people acting like young people are the cause of all of society ills are just idiots. The entire St.lucian society has a alcohol problem


  19. The reality of the situation is that the majority of our population, adults and children included are walking around with high functioning depression. We are not aware of it because we have adapted and it has become our ‘normal’. We are operating in survival mode and just looking for our next dopamine release. When we get that dopamine release we like it soo much and it is so rare that we get excessive with our behaviors. This explains our drinking behavior and also our behavior during carnival. I am not judging anyone but i think we are trying to treat the symptoms of a problem rather than the underlying issue itself. Happiness is key to a balanced life and our youth and our people are not happy. Its stems from a variety of issues that we are not ready to talk about. Our home environments are not conducive to happiness. We are constantly verbally emotionally and physically abused in the name of ‘Discipline’. Our school environment is not conducive to happiness either we are also verbally and emotionally abused and judged with perceptions that follow us for life. Our work environments are not conducive to happiness either surrounded and managed by people who possess inferior conflict resolution skills and perpetuate it onto their employees and we somehow accept it as ” a way or life and what we need to do survive” and we have convinced ourselves that this is the way it is suppose to be. That we should not seek happiness in all these aspects and that happiness something that u are rewarded with once in a while. So when we feel the release of happiness in environments that society has dictated to us that we are allowed to be happy we get excessive with it. …. We are seeing a shift though. The younger generations seems to be realizing that this way of life is not sustainable and we are given one life and this concept of delayed gratification is cancerous but the older generations need to allow us the space to evolve and stop pressuring us to do things their way and scaring us into conformity.

    • Excellent post , i believe a majority of what you wrote is the truth. When you really think about the life of a normal working class st.lucian. It is very depressing far unless for the poorer folks, so many people get their “stress release” from alcohol. I can personally attest to that as in my early twenties i abused alcohol for relief from frustration at my life situation. I’m still frustrated at times however i no longer use alcohol as a crutch, i try to improve my situation by educating myself

  20. Yes well said,I was a young man,had my bike my car,I was free,practically no control.Never had problems with the law,fell asleep,on trains.beaches,in cars,.I survived.

  21. Statistically, St. Lucia is an alcoholic nation, an island of 180,000 population, with almost of 15,000+ alcohol selling venders and growing, and with an monthly production of beers 500,000 bottles, rum 3500 bottles plus the 1000’s of imported alcohol beverages. The maths is simple, with that in mind the outcome of such events will continue to happen. The fact is St. Lucia, is a more reactive nation than a pro active one. Such results like this and with alot more in the making is bound to happen. Don’t blame the police! because if the police were to implement the strict rule we would have had over crowded lock ups, over crowded hospital etc.

  22. Well, they have seen their parents/uncles in the past arriving home drunk. Starts @ home folks. Large up Lucians try not to destroy the Lil island, none for the road

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