Monday, January 27, 2020

Piat, Grande Riviere Resident Wounded In Tussle With Armed Bandits

A resident of Piat, Grande Riviere, was rushed to hospital via ambulance Friday afternoon after armed bandits wounded him as he struggled with them.

According to eyewitness reports, at least two bandits entered the man’s home about 4.00 pm.

“The guy put up a fight and held on to the gun belonging to on of them,” St Lucia Times was informed.

One of the intruders stabbed the home owner in the leg before both bandits escaped.

It was unclear whether they managed to steal anything of value.

It was reported that after a report was made to Gros Islet police, lawmen went in hot pursuit of the suspects whose vehicle overturned.

But the suspects are said to have escaped on foot.


  1. Hope they are caught , tried, convicted and sentenced to long term imprisonment. These guys are menaces to society. Everyday is the same story – Crime, Crime, Crime! It’s even becoming frightening in your house at any hour of the day. Should the public be given the lawful right to arm themselves?

    • Honestly you’re not even safe in the comfort of your own home now..the police need to step up on these criminals it has become very scary dont feel safe anywhere now…should we arm ourselves now for an attack of those lazy ass mfs who dont wanna work?? They need to be killed first sight!!

      • The crime situation has become extremely scary. Not a square inch in St. Lucia is safe in these times of heightened criminal activity. You are robbed or murdered in broad daylight even in open spaces. What are the underlying causes for this monumental spike in these robberies and killings? Can someone tell me? Once we get the answer(s) we should find the appropriate solutions. Again, the question is, what the heck is responsible for this astronomical climb in crime especially murders and robberies? Awaiting some responses.

  2. Kenny, you could not make us safe now Chastanet is doing it. Well done Chas.
    HERMANGILD what strategy are you using to fight the crime? Is t the Lazy Law? Are you still against Moncherry? You need to resign immediately.

  3. Very nice to hear. Happy vehicle got damaged. Hope what he idiots stole will repair it. You must be regretting now. Good job officers. Bravo!

  4. We have to be careful. Persons come to our house to visit as friends, but some of them true intentions are to scope out what valuables are in the house and send thier criminal friends to come and rob later. Hopefully, these vermin fungus among us are caught and castrated.

  5. Her man Gil has done nothing to contribute to the fight against crime on the island. The police have sent several policy documents to his desk for approval over one year now but he can find no time from his seemingly busy schedule to deal with them. Some of these policies can indeed make the RSLPF better and save lives. He promised to get the outdated police act reviewed but to date nothing, another of the several policies sitting on his desk is one that enables the police to better respond to reports involving persons with mental illness. And mind you, that police act has been reviewed by the RSLPF, all it now needs is government’s approval but it sat on Lacorbinere’s desk for five years and now on this man’s desk. It looks like this ministry attracts the laziest of the ministers. The do nothing ministers!
    Brother Chas watch out! Election time are come! Me na voted for lazy, corrupt and do nothing politicians who should all be in JAIL.

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