Pierre Attending CARICOM Summit In Suriname

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Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre will be out of state from July 2 to July 8, 2022 to attend the 43rd Regular Meeting of the Heads of Government of the CARICOM which takes place in Suriname.

Hon. Pierre has accepted an invitation from Chair of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community and President of Surinam, H.E.
Chandrikapersad Santokhi, to address the conference at the opening ceremony on July

The Prime Minister’s schedule at the 43rd Regular Meeting of the Heads of Government
of the CARICOM will also include participation in a series of high level engagements
and discussions with regional leaders and Ministerial taskforce officials to deliberate on
key issues relevant to Member States.

While away on official government business, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire will act as Prime
Minister until July 8.

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Source: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. The country is in turmoil and the Prime Minister has been touring the world. Not one national address in recent times, no updates on the way forward. Gun violence, gas prices sky rocketing , passport office forming the fool and rising cost of living yet the Prime Minister does not have the decency to face the country men and women. The outcome of the last election brought about nothing but weeping. mourning and the gnashing of teeth!

  2. This man loves taking trips and giving speeches but he has nothing to say to Lucians here at home. We really need some fresh blood to get rid of these career politicians that only take the country backwards.

  3. Go away and drink your whiskey and eat your fish. There is nothing going on here by Murder…and high gas prices.

    Where is RF and Hunter…beat your pants St Lucian…you can’t even buy cooking gas.

  4. Another USELESS trip by another USELESS Politician…And the wheels keep going round & round,when does it stop?! Until these politicians run us right through the ground.

  5. Can someone plz tell me how much tax payers oney PJP has accumulated for all dem travels. Next Y the talk show hosts and media not making an issue about his travels. Also can we also get a report on the benefits of his recent travels?

  6. So it is a shame that we are played as fools by politicians. When the former PM was there, there was so much quarreling about him traveling and this present Pm was one of them. But now we are quiet. I am for them traveling but I am not for them dividing the populace before elections and then discarding them for 5 yrs. We as a people need to stop letting these politicians use us. We have the power and let us remind them of it.


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