Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Pierre: Budget To Increase Jobs, Create Wealth & Provide Social Safety Nets

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has described his maiden budget presentation to parliament as a measure to bring recovery to the Saint Lucia economy.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday ahead of the fiscal measure, the Finance Minister noted that the country suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic.

And he said the government is seeking to increase employment.

As a result, the Castries East MP explained that budget spending was important for projects to increase jobs, create wealth, and improve social safety nets to provide relief to disadvantaged individuals and people who suffered due to COVID-19.

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Ahead of the budget, the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) claimed that Pierre is to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to fund ‘the largest budget in St Lucia’s history.’

But Pierre asserted that there there are no design finance contracts.

He also explained that the loans in the budget are long-term measures with no interest in the first couple years.

Pierre recalled that a lot of borrowing under the former government was for short-term five-year projects, particularly roads, in a bid to win elections.

He said he was unperturbed by the opposition criticism.

“The people will see the expenses of the budget are for people-oriented projects that put people first,” Pierre revealed.

He said there would also be projects to improve the delivery of justice.

“We speak about crime. In this budget, there are going to be resources put towards crime reduction, enforcement and training,” Pierre told reporters.

He declared that the budget would be completely different and asserted that he has no issues with borrowing.


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  1. Great is the LORD and worthy of praise
    “As we have heard !
    Miseries is caused by a mouth that boast,brags and keep on waging.
    But a tongue that speaks out the truth will never be caught in a trap !
    When we make a vow (promise),we should not took long to accomplish, because, heaven is God’s trone and we are his footstool.
    For God is not (unjust) he will not forget your work and the love you have and will show to refresh the hearts of the poor and to help his people and continue to help them and to show diligence to everyone.

    Out of a good tree, it’s fruits will be good. Likewise,a goodman brings good things out of the store up for him.
    Finally,whatever is true, right,pure and noble is longlasting.
    But a beast whithout speech, blacklist,and blackest darkness is reserved for them.

  2. Certainlly, God has heard your request ! May it be granted whith thanksgivig and praise in the name of the Most High-
    For I am a great King, ”says the LORD Almighty . And my name is too be feed among the nation.

  3. I would sincerely like to hope that this government’s “plan to increase jobs, create wealth, and improve social safety nets” focuses on Agriculture; an industry which has far outreaching tentacles in every aspect of sustainability and grounding (no pun intended). Tourism is not “everything” and has shown to be quite fickle. Also, I sincerely hope they will not focus on “off-shore factories” (the new “colonialism” in the guise of “investors”). This government needs to be WIDE AWAKE and FOCUSED on reality.

  4. PM Pierre, what’s about the pensioners? Don’t you think the same increase you are given to the public servants should be given to them too? What do you think 800 dollars can do for a pensioner compared to the 12 000 dollars a minister is getting. We voted for you for a change. Lets see it.

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