Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pierre: Budgetary Allocations To Facilitate Timely, Just Prosecution Of Criminals

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has disclosed that strengthening Saint Lucia’s judicial system has been prioritised in the budgetary allocation to facilitate the timely and just prosecution of the perpetrators of crime.

On his official Facebook page Pierre, responsible for National Security, said he had tasked the Attorney General to expedite the drafting and review of the needed legislation to assist the police in discharging their duties.

The Prime Minister held an emergency meeting with the top brass of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) on Monday in response to four reported homicides and gun violence during the weekend, which brought the total number of homicides to eleven for the year.

The Castries East MP expressed his sincerest condolences to those who lost loved ones.

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“Addressing this crime situation is a concern for all citizens. We are better than this. Let’s do better,” he stated.

“My administration will continue to provide resources and training to the RSLPF and challenged the hierarchy to use more innovative strategies, professionalism and proactiveness in their work,” Pierre asserted.

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  1. They are susceptible, rebellious people, deceitful children of the darkness, unwilling to listen to instructions !
    Therefore they are ignorant to their own stubborn shame deserted you !
    May it not held against you, because justice and rights are denied.
    Because the great door of effective works has begin and are many who oppose you-
    Let them take their stands, but those who would speak up for you are blindfold !
    Carry your purpose against them,argue the matter and state the case for your innocence,so that their sins and wickedness becomes yours.
    They are rebellious people, unwilling to listen to instructions !
    Let nothing move you back
    Stand firm
    Be of good courage
    Establish your house with justice
    And plead your cause before God !!

    This is what the Lord says-
    your Redeemer,the Holy One of Israël
    “I am the Lord your God,
    who teaches you what is best for you-
    who directs you in the way you should go.”
    “How can I let myself be defamed ?
    I will not yeild my glory to another.
    If only you pay attention to my
    Your peace will be like a river 🏞️ , your name
    will make fame and will be never cut
    off nor destroyed before me !

  2. Oh I see. This is stlucia where reality are hidden and rumours are spread. I wonder with the media now. Change in government

  3. It’s all good but in order for the police force to work efficiently the biasness needs to stop. Promote the officers that are working hard and dedicated to the job they do instead of your friends and those you know. The police force is in a mess because the officers that are capable of doing a great job are not not being promoted. Those that are being promoted because of who they know are not the most effective ones. Officers that pass interviews with flying colors are being side stepped over others that did not do well on their interviews. So if you all have a heart and conscience be fair to our hard working and dedicated officers. If the are mot being appreciated and they are working hard for someone else to reap the rewards I give them every reason to lapse. So please be faith honest and transparent and let god help heal our nation. Peace and love

  4. When it is evident that some people are exempt from prosecution because of who they are, how can we expect people to believe in the fairness of the judicial system? When the rover minister faces the full brunt of the law, then, and only then, will we believe that this government is serious on crime. When we see a government which is fair to all and not treat one set differently giving them the best of everything and others have to suck salt, then we will believe them. Until then, it is merely lip service.

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