Sunday, September 25, 2022

Pierre Calls For Unity, Sacrifices, And An End To Petty Politics Amid Crisis

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that it makes no sense to play politics with the current tying times because nobody will benefit, has called for unity, sacrifices, and an end to petty politics amid a world in crisis.

Addressing the Banana Expo 2022 launch on Friday, Pierre declared that the Russia-Ukraine war is worsening.

“As it gets worse commodity prices are going to increase and as commodity prices increase, fuel prices are going to get higher and as fuel prices get higher we as a country have to make some sort of sacrifices,” the Minister of Finance explained.

“It is not an internal problem It is not a problem caused by anything we do internally. It’s a problem caused by factors that we have absolutely no control over and there’s not one living human being that can tell me what they can do to avoid what is happening now in the world,” the Castries East MP told his audience.

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“ So I want the people of Saint Lucia to understand that we have to make a conscious effort to begin to plant our food for us to eat,” Pierre stated.

He observed that already there are shortages of rice.

And Pierre expressed that there would be more significant wheat shortages because the two biggest producers were at war.

He called on citizens to try to plant something in their backyards, carpool, conserve electricity and water, including harvesting rainwater, and see what they can do with things produced locally.

Pierre also reiterated the government’s support for the banana industry, writing later on his official Facebook page that he looked forward to the sustainable development of the industry and the opportunities for global consumption.

“We will continue to provide assistance to farmers and entrepreneurs, especially in developing value added products for domestic consumption and export,” the Prime Minister said.

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  1. Planting food is a good thing, MP give some of crown land for farming not Only for bananas but all kind of food

  2. WOW with SLT, I posted a comment it was not published. I replied to On Looker’s comment, that too was not published. On Looker expressed my same sentiments but his was, why both of mine were not.

  3. Prime Minister Pierre, really needs to take some time to reflect on his actions during his almost one year in office. In my opinion, he and his administration have made a number of blunders. His appearance in court with Hillaire was ill advised and as a PM, he should know that. The sheenanigans during the budget debate are just unnecessary and reek of vindictiveness and pettiness. He then says that his ministers who did not present at the budget have free will. We all have free will, is this why people are doing whatever they want in this country? These men and women were elected to represent the people and you saying it’s their free will if they choose not to present at something as important as the budget especially in the times that we are in? Come one! If they have free will then they don’t need you as a leader. I’m just terribly disappointed in your administration at this point. I’m tired of the talk and the blame and the inaction. You guys crucified the last administration over FFF but you guys unashamedly do the same placing friends, family, teammates, classmates, former principals, campaign workers etc in positions that they are truly unqualified for. In some cases, you hire and promote persons of ill repute. Mr. Pierre, you are supposed to lead, it is time for you to do so effectively and intelligently. The unity that you’re calling for, starts with you. I’m concerned about this country and deeply saddened at what politicians over the years have reduced it to. We deserve better. There is still time to turn this ship around. St. Lucians will not waste time giving your administration a second term if this continues.

    • Thank you Onlooker, you shared the same sentiments with me that SLT refused to publish. My only addition was that he should not call for unity when he has Divisive Helaire and Frederick calling the shots.

  4. SLT I really hate when my comments are not published. Please post my earlier comment

  5. First of all,we must understand in the last days scofter will come, following each one evil desires.
    Do not conform to evil desires when we lived as children in the dark, keep a clean conscience than to be ashamed of slander.
    Everyone,clothe yourself with humility towards one another, because,
    “God opposes the proud
    but gives grace to the humble.
    Humble yourselves, therefore,under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you, and everyone.
    Resist him ! Be self-control and alert !
    Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring 🦁 lion looking for someone to devour (betray)

  6. i really really dispise politicians. They all just so full of Sh/t, eveyone lies but their lies are too damning, too in your face and obvious, too disrespectful like they are dealing with kids who still believe in Santa Claus. And to make it worst, some people are that stupid and easily fooled, gullible even after spending decades on this earth you’d expect them to be smarter. All these Mphockers who speak to the media, speak on platforms(politicians), know that they are BShiting everyone before they even speak and we just continue year after year, party after party, politician after politician vote and keep that never ending cycle of deceit and to make our lives soooooooo much more Dmn harder than it ever needed to be. Good luck to you who love party before your selves and children, and you who love rum and chicken more than your grand children because you sacrifice it all to see these guys form the government and screw us all over. Red, Yellow, Blue, black, White, Orange, Green non of them are different.

  7. I had to comment on this one even if it is a waste of time with these clueless SLPs.

    ‘Unity’ ‘Playing politics’ ‘petty politics’
    Pierre – you have the gall, the contempt for intelligence and the truth, the disrespect for Lucians – to mention all the things that have characterised the SLP from 1979.

    Your party has been abysmal in managing when in power because your only goal has been to use power for your own material advancement and to further your holding on the neck of Lucians. Everything you touch has failed. When in opposition you play on the worst of St Lucians character with your party’s racism and xenophobia, personal attacks and ripping of the country unity. Hatred and malevolence characterize your Cabinet – just look at their faces and the evil portrayed.
    Now that you face the disastrous economic environment that you helped to create with you constant campaigning from 2016 to 2021 you now want to turn off the spigot of hatred and call for peace.
    Well it does not work that way. You reap what you sow and it will only get worst for the next 4 years. So Lucians strap on your seatbelts for a bumpy vicious ride – complements of the SLP.

  8. My prime mister action speaks louder than words.
    Your unity call is heard, but instead of talking the talk, let us see you walk the walk because your statements and actions contradict themselves.
    Review you’ve said and did for the past week.
    I rest my case

  9. Look who is calling for unity and to put an end to petty politics! It is PJP! WOW. PJP have you forgotten what was being said by you and your followers? PJP there cannot be unity in a world that continues to be divided especially when it comes to politics. So stop with this unity thing cause it will go no where. We are divided and continue to be divided until this horrible world comes to an end.

    • SLP has made me despise politicians even more. As someone who supported and rallied behind this government I am disgusted with what has turned out to be a government that lied to the people, made false promises to gain power, only to ensure that one set benefits. I honestly believed in their transparency and accountability rhetoric and their slogan “putting people first” Oh how they fooled me. What I am seeing is a government that is no different from the past regime. They engage in the same things they campaigned against. When contracts can be made out to family members who have absolutely no experience in the type of work that the contract entails we know that this is about passing money through various conduits to end up right back in the ministers pockets. When corrupt persons are placed as front men to certain politicians again we know that this is another conduit for corruption. When getting a job depends on who you know and not experience we know that nepotism is rife within this government and nothing has changed. When jobs are given on the basis of whose bed you sleep in then we know that nothing has changed and this government is just like the other. Pip just shut up…… you campaigned on false promises and lies, intentionally knowing fully well that all you wanted was power. I am disgusted!

  10. Unity this country needs a purge because y’all slp hacks keeping the country backwards… 24 hours to commit any crimes I taking allu out.

  11. Man shut hell up are you going delusional..that’s all what you do in opposition..

  12. Mr PM, isn’t what you all doing in the house ‘petty’ politics, set the good example and we will follow.

  13. If fuel prices are going up then invest in the renewable energy sector and food security instead of saying its an external problem and you cant do anything about it. What pisses me off is politicians asking us to save water, save electricity when we cant even afford to have these things in the first place and they keep wasting money on fruitless projects.

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