Pierre Calls For Unity, Urges Saint Lucians To Put Aside Petty Differences

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In his maiden independence day address, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre urged his fellow citizens to put aside petty differences in favour of shared ambitions.

He pledged to do his utmost to bring all Saint Lucians together as one family wherever they are, but especially at home.

“If we spend enough time making war against one another on the basis of party differences we will ultimately destroy the future of our children,” Pierre asserted.

He recalled that Saint Lucia recently completed a peaceful democratic election, demonstrating the strength of the country’s democracy to the world.

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Pierre, whose Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) swept to power in a landslide at the July 26, 2021 poll, observed that the majority’s voice spoke clearly.

But he made it clear that his administration will not encourage strife and division within “our Saint Lucian family,” since there can be no winners – only losers in such battles.

“Elections can be both good and bad -good when the process is used in the common interest. But when elections are seen only as opportunities to benefit from selfish behavior regardless of which side wins, we all lose. A half successful Saint Lucia is a totally unsuccessful Saint Lucia,” the Castries East MP declared.

“We must heal the root causes of our pain, whatever they may be. We must render ourselves physically and mentally fit soldiers in our war against poverty, against discrimination, against poor education, unemployment and crime,” Pierre told the nation.

“Let us invite our brothers and sisters everywhere, regardless of political affiliation to enlist in our fight against our common enemies – enemies that do not recognise party colours,” the Prime Minister said in his address on the occasion of Saint Lucia’s 43rd anniversary of independence.

He urged citizens to make every day a good day.

“Let us never go to sleep without asking ourselves ‘What did I do for my country today that will benefit us all tomorrow?'” The PM stated.

“If each of us would pledge right now to be the best citizen we can be regardless of political stripe, we would immediately see a positive change in the number of road accidents, less pollution – we will see a reduction in the negative impact of COVID,” he expressed.

” We would in consequence, put less stress on the public purse, our health facilities and those who work so hard to deliver the best possible service. In short, what I am advocating is that we turn a new leaf and start doing more for our country by doing better for ourselves,” Pierre said.

He also described an unacceptable increase in criminal activity, mainly gun-related homicides, that have caused unnecessary pain and suffering.

“We must end that menace. We must build respect and care for each other. To do so, we must have a sense of self and a sense of identity, celebrating each human life, acknowledging the worth of every human being,” Pierre said.

He cited the need for strong public education and more equity in the distribution of wealth.

But at the same time, the PM spoke of the need to observe the laws of the land.

“The police will be expected to do their duty in causing a reduction in crime,” Pierre explained, adding that the government will prioritise spending on law and order.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. A Rebellious generation whose hearts are not loyal, whose sprits are not faithful to God !
    Restore us,O God
    Make your peace shine upon us-
    that we may be saved.
    When a country is rebellious and has many rulers,it takes only a man of and knowledge to maintains orders.
    The Lord will bless the works of your hands and establish you as a goverment over his people ;if only you juge the people with justice and discernement, love must be sincere whithout favoritisme, with fairness and loyalty.
    The Lord will grant that your enemies who rise against you will be defeated before you !
    You will be bless and blameless in coming in and going out,and your ‘TRONE’ will always be ‘SECURED’!!

  2. @lucian lowgrade….. are you one of those with selected memory loss. You called uncle chas worse names. So stick this one in, it won’t ever change how I feel about your little black boy

  3. Mr. Pierre, can you please ask Hilaire to repair the Marigot Road. From the time I know myself this is the second time Marigot Road have reached this deplorable state, once under Robert Lewis and now under Hilaire. I hope when we take our problem to the media all you don’t get vex

  4. SLT have not been posting my comments so I wanted to stay mute for a while but couldn’t resist responding to Pierre. Harrahsingh says it all. Of what significance is that lady to Micoud South for the Wellness Center to be named after her. Tell me again what has about 75% of your Independence awardees done for this country apart from supporting SLP and almost signing millionaire whenever SLP is in power. Most of them have no business sense cause within a year of SLP not being in power they are almost broke or is the saying “EASY COME EASY GO” typical of them. Does that qualify them to carry St Lucia’s most prestigious awards.

    • @Marcella you hit the nail on the head. This is what the SLP does. They use the ordinary man, the ones who they think very little of, to fight their battles, go out there and highlight the wrongdoings of the other party, put them on blast, protest, rally, talk on radio and TV all to help them win an election. Then they kick them aside for the select friends and family of their clique. They reward the financiers because they are so clueless they do not realise that there is more value in the work that the base puts in than in the little the financiers put in. These greedy gluttons put in $1.00 and milk the party for millions. But this is what happens when you sell your soul to the devil and want power at any cost. We will continue to see these types of awards handed out in the next 5 years because the devil wants his payday.

  5. You claim you want national unity. How can a nation be united when your government has shown that they are a government of cliquism and favoritism. Where is the unity when committed, hardworking and dedicated people are treated as lesser mortals than your chosen few?

  6. Oh please. Every action your government takes is based on the petty mentality of the little boys and girls club. You make decisions based on who you’re trying to smite. Basically this government’ does things just to sneer at the opposition. The whole Dubai joy ride was to stick it to the opposition. Many persons were sent with the sole purpose of causing ire to the opposition, to rub it in and not because they had any real purpose of being there. Petty. Some persons were robbed of a post because one petty shabin boy needed to throw his weight around and show that he has power and can place his friends in job. You mister pm appointed a deputy pm to simply jeer at the past pm. So get to the work of the country and stop the pettiness. Start cleaning your house before trying to clean other people house.

  7. But the pettiness started and is still been continued by you and your cabal. You and your cabal are so bent on sticking it to Chas yall destroying yourself in the process. The appointment of the deputy PM was to stick it to Chas. Sending Richie boy to Dubai when he absolutely has no reason to be there is to stick it to Chas. Appointing certain people in certain posts is to stick it to Chas. Yall are so obsessed with Chas yall are destroying yourselves and alienating your supporters in the process and rather that do the work you were elected to do yall busy focusing on marjee. Yall pettiness has caused your unpopularity in a short space of time. That and your nepotism and your FFF culture

  8. Mr. Pierre, if you want national Unity, the government must lead by action. And I agree with @ SLP To The Bone comment in that the independence celebration was heavily partisan. To be respected, Mr. Pierre, practice what you preach.

  9. Oh come on Mr Pierre, did you not just witnessed the National baton relay, petty politics was rampant. Carriers of the baton were non- grata SLP supporters mostly. We’re you not involved in one way or another in selecting the awardees for the Independence awards. Only SLP supporters who have done almost nothing for their island are receiving Piton Gold, piton silver, honour of whatever and the list goes on. Have you heard Richard or Helaire lately, oh don’t ask for Alva during the baton relay. They have all been preaching what you asking us not to do. Is it a case of do as I say not as I do.

    • @ SLP to the Bone you’re so right. In my area it was the council chairman and councillors doing everything. They were more in the forefront pushing the people of the community out of the way instead of engaging them. The community of the district on the east coast were not part of independence at all. Sad but true.

  10. Mr Pierre. You and your followers are still very angry and agitated after winning the election. Try to make peace with your selves and then you will see that the petty differences begins with you and your hacks.

  11. 🤣🤣🤣🤣…walk the walk, talk the talk, practice what you preach, take the wax out of your eyes first, look in your cabinet….your request is highly hypocritical. You are no example for our youth.

  12. U have the biggest criminal in your cabinet don’t come here talking foolishness like Lucians stupid ask him for his US visa.

  13. I think st. Lucia times to be a supporter of SLP. reason, watch the comments. A lot of Comments supporting SLP are posted. A lot of negative posts against SLP are not posted. We need another medium to express our thoughts

  14. Pierre I have not heard you come out publicly to tell Frederick and your members to stop the petty politics. I have not heard you apologize to St Lucians for creating and creating the division. Leading up to election and now.

  15. The police trying and tell people no round the island but JOKE y’all police on. All now so mizi bikes passing , today is our independence day and y’all want to take our independence from us? When elections was going on nobody was not saying this and that was not approved.

  16. @Lucian Lowgrade, I do not condone what Honesty said below but when PM Chas was in power you never gave him the same grace so get out you Hypocrite.

  17. Most Honorable you are such a gentleman…..but Most Honorable they are STILL BITTER from July 26th ……worst yet some spent half their lifetime fighting The Most Honorable KDA ( they know themselves) , they bawling over a old 8yr old Range Rover that does not even worth half it’s purchase cost. THEY WICKED, they wanted to sell out this country for nothing their White God would never extend and olive branch to you for the betterment of the country, but I understand your humility that’s why we love you.

  18. These politicians are like a dictionary but long gone their wise words.. we can see the stupidity behind followed by the ignorance… words is just simply cheap if MASSY have to charge you, you’ll bankrupt the island

  19. PJP – “…But he made it clear that his administration will not encourage strife and division within “our Saint Lucian family, “. Your party planted the seeds of division and hatred among St Lucians long before elections!! Take heed.

  20. Really with you pip….the thing about slp they choose to have selective memory loss when they want. Who started with this petty politics… oh knew how to play the game best?. I’m so tired of this little black boy.

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