Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pierre, Chastanet Hail Julien Alfred’s Silver At Commonwealth Games

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and opposition leader Allen Chastanet have both hailed Julien Alfred on winning the silver medal during the 100m finals at the Commonwealth Games.

“Congratulations on your victory and thank you for allowing us to share in this moment with you. Continue in the pursuit of excellence,” Pierre wrote on Facebook.

Opposition leader Allen Chastanet also responded to Alfred’s performance on Facebook.

“Proud of you,” the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister and current Micoud South MP wrote.

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On Wednesday at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, United Kingdom, Alfred was second in 11.01 seconds behind Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah (10.95 seconds).

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. @He is lost – what’s wrong with some of you Lucians – the young lady is indeed a winner – she received a Silver Medal in a very difficult and taxing competition. Therefore, congratulations are in order-she is a winner. For an island of 238 square miles which birthed 2 noble prize winners -some of you just don’t get it and it’s really a shame. Godspeed to Ms. Alfred and to all those in pursuit of excellence.

    • Like Hopeful, I consider her achievement remarkable and I considered it a victory for us in St Lucia. However we should not let our low IQ get the better of us always. Her second place does not give her victory. Most of St Lucians are football fans, I want to ask. Did Liverpool get the victory in the Premier league, they were second. Man City were first and they had the victory. Stop criticizing people when they try to rearrange our ignorance. I will say again I consider her victorious in my mind as a St Lucian but the reality is that she was second.

  2. Congratulations my dear for placing in the top three. While it wasn’t an overall win “first place”, we in Saint Lucia consider it a win for us that you placed second at such prestigious event. You made us proud. The road has just began and we pray that you transform this achievement into a first place “win” sometime soon. This task though tough, is certainly not unattainable if you persevere. And this I know you will. Once again congratulations!!

    Lucian at heart.

  3. Even though she won a silver to many of us it is a victory, and yes she won because she came in the top three. So yes it is a WIN and a VICTORY!!!

  4. @He is Lost. You are an idiot! After that performance, for me the silver medal is a win for me. If it were another another person or country, you wouldn’t have made such a dispicable statement. Big up Julien, you’ve made St. Lucia proud!!!

  5. Congrats, Julien! I know it took a lot out of you, after such a long season – which explains the Silver – but you battled through for us, nevertheless. Thanks!

    • St. Lucia Times Editorial Staff: You guys need to up your game! A stock photo? How unprofessional! But what should one expect from a mere news aggregator site?

      She was wearing an all-black kit yesterday. How hard was it to contact the support staff for a photo from yesterday, at the stadium? Didn’t feel the need to pay for it?

    • Disappointed that you did not start the 200m heats today! Don’t despair!

      Saw from your facial expression during the 100m race how much it took out of you after such a long but successful season.

      Rest up, and come back energized for all the successes you will have in the future!

  6. Congratulations to my fellow compatriot, Julien Alfred for representing us on this grande stage. A job well done in winning a silver medal in the 100m women’s final. Hopefully, government will put more resources into sports so that we have more representation in more events…

  7. St Lucia to the world congratulations miss Alfred dream came a reality be proud of your self u have opened the door for other,s to follow 🤗🤗🇱🇨🇱🇨

  8. HE IS LOST. You must be blind or one of the 43% ters. UWP Hack.
    You are a very bitter person.
    Miss Alfred won a silver medal and that’s the best by a St lucian.

    • You are too quick to call people UWP hacks. The man is right, she placed second not first, so how she had the victory. He needed to congratulate her on her stellar achievement not victory. Understand the message before you make comments to the contrary.
      Anyway a big shout out to Julien on her remarkable run. Continue to make us proud in the face of adversity.

    • Congratulations Julien. Continue to work hard. You placed just behind the fastest woman alive and are top 4 female sprinter for the year. You rise above the lack of support. I wonder why an old photo was used, instead of one following the race. Perhaps it had to do with a lack of Lucian flags at the event, further evidence of the lack of support. iBetter have someone shimmy up the flagpole to get the one I saw there.

  9. “Congratulations on your victory and thank you for allowing us to share in this moment with you. Continue in the pursuit of excellence,” Pierre wrote on Facebook.

    Did she win? Apparently someone told PJP and he didn’t understand.

    “Continue in the pursuit of excellence” is a common phrase used. Apparently this PM is totally ignorant of e=what happening around him.


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