Pierre Clarifies His Role In Relation To Commissioner, Reiterates Support For the Police

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, responsible for National Security, has reiterated his commitment to providing the resources the police need to fight crime.

And clarifying his role in relation to the Commissioner of Police, Pierre told parliament on Thursday that he cannot instruct the top cop on operational matters.

But he observed that the Minister could create an enabling environment for the police to do their work and provide policy guidance.

He stated that  the Commissioner determines all ranks from constable to inspector,

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“Ranks from Inspector to Assistant Commissioner and to Commissioner are determined by the Public Service Commission,” Pierre told parliament.

“The Police Commissioner can tell the Minister of National Security to go to hell and that’s a fact and we must understand where our history goes,” Pierre stated.

He recalled that a Police Commissioner took the government to court after he was removed and the court ordered his reinstatement.

“And if that Commissioner of Police wasn’t a man of conscience he could have gone and sat down in police headquarters and nobody could move him. That is a history Mr. Speaker – that is a history that I will not follow,” Pierre told parliament as he concluded the debate on the budget.

“What happened? The government in its wisdom and because he cooperated he was made Special Advisor in National Security,” the Castries East MP noted about the case.

Pierre explained that the Minister of National Security cannot instruct the Commissioner of Police to do anything but can speak to the top law enforcement officer and discuss matters with him.

He observed that the constitution does not allow the Minister to instruct the Commissioner.

“What the Prime Minister can do, he can go to the public and dismiss the Commissioner for the public interest,” the PM explained.

Pierre spoke amidst national concern over violent crime resulting in 17 homicides this year.

He said the government was creating an enabling environment for the police.

Pierre noted that in the eight months that his administration has been in power, the police received thirteen vehicles.

“And before the next term is over they’re going to get forty more vehicles to do their work,” he disclosed to desk thumping from MPs on the government side.

In addition, Pierre cited $300,000 in the budget to upgrade the forensic services unit and $2.27 million for a ‘swift justice’ project to reduce the backlog of criminal cases, including murder matters, by appointing new judges and support staff.

He said this would assist the police, who are frustrated when they arrest someone and cannot get the suspect to court.

Pierre listed other measures to assist the police.

They included $260,000 in the budget to provide police equipment and an additional $4 million to repair police stations and improve police working conditions.

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  1. Every st. Lucian and police officers knows that the police commissioner do promotions base on those he knows . Does who carry tales to him. He does not care whether they can do the job or not. He is only there to promote his friends. I know of police officers who does excellent work at being officers. They love the job with a passion. They excell at interviews but the police will not allow them to be promoted as long as he already have a list of his friends to be promoted. We need a commissioner that will be fair and not bias. A police commissioner who will say yes you are my friend but you need to buckle up before I can promote you not a commissioner that makes the genuinely hard working policemen sideline over lazy ones. Definitely the commissioner we have now should go. Just because he was made commissioner at the expense of others he believe he can get his friends to the highest rank even though they are not that intelligent nor she leadership qualities for the job. Give us a commissioner that will applause his hard worked a commissioner that will be fair to the police. Any organization thrives when you have a leader that acknowledge and praise his workers especially the outstanding ones and any worker will have the zeal ti perform when they are recognized for their hardhonest and loyal wit. I hope things change and Stlucia gets a good commissioner that the police will be motivated to work with him as a team. The police force needs team spirit and not police coming to work just for the sake of a salary so please I hope the next commissioner we have will look at the force and determine who truely needs to be promoted and don’t promote on the basis of you are my friend I will push you up to a higher grade. God does not like unglued. We can hide from men but not from god and one day he will give to ceases what is due to him. Good or bad.peace and love

  2. In the St. Lucia of today, it is impossible for any top Cop to get any respect. The whole aspect of Policing in this kind of environment, is a non starter, you just can’t win. The criminals know the Police and their movements, when they come, where they go; likewise, don’t think the Police don’t know who the usual suspects are. In every City, County, where ever the Boys in uniform know a lot more than you think – in little St. Lucia you better shut your mouth or you’re next – so now, here’s the solution, though temporary – bring in a ‘Bad Ass’ top Cop with the experience in dealing with such, for six months, may be renewable, depending on performance, or lack thereof – take it from me without charge – St. Fox.

  3. Yeah you cannot tell the so call top cop how to do his work but you can hold him accountable for his work , which in my opinion is poor. Stop this covering up for position especially when government is graded on performance like upholding the law . You never hear is the commissioner to be blame , you always hear is the government so be done with this excuse bs about let the top cop do his work . He has failed and majority of st.Lucians share the same opinion.

    • A proud St. Lucian by birth and Canadian Citizen by choice, I have 20 years of dedicated service to public service in Canada. To believe the police Commissioner bares full responsibility for the state of crime in the country is the statement of a decade. It’s not progressive thinking to believe police can arrest its way out of violent crime.

      Twenty years of policing has opened my eyes to the reality this job cannot be done without public trust and confidence. It cannot be done without investments in youth and education programs.

      A great start would be an investment in youth sports and after school programs. Investments in education and the funding of community based programs. Empower communities so they, with the support of the police can help steer our young men and women in the right direction.

      Consider working with other ministries to create and establish diversion, addiction, parenting and safety programs. Treat addiction as a public health issue by providing education and supports to our youth and identified groups.

      As for police, get out of your traditional way of heavy handed policing. Be smart, investments not needed in brick and mortar policing; innovate to the address the issues of the day. Leverage the use of technology specific to our sector. Technology like integrated systems for tracking, up to date training, the use of analytics.

      And please, safe gaurd your countries bread and butter; tourism. Rodney Bay, Castries Market, Pigeon Island, Sulphur Springs are all spots frequented by tourist. All would be considered tourist Hotspot yet there is never a uniformed police presence in sight; seldom or never. Not an officer in army fatigues but wearing a uniform, hat and sidearm. Someone who de-escalates not creates more problems.

      It breaks my heart to hear stories of people who save up for a trip to visit my homeland, investing $4,000 per person only to become victims of verbal abuse, assault, robbery or worse?!!!! I wish this was the St. Lucian economy built with the dedication and hard work of our banana farmers but it’s not. Those days are long gone.

  4. Not a word not a word SILENCE ! Gwan Pierre , but in hindsight Most Honorable address the public on removing the Commissioner in “the interest of public safety”, he needs to go and look for commissioner outside of St Lucia that’s not BONDED by anyone or political affiliation. They will say oh I am NOT associated with any political party, but that’s just them covering their ass, they are well connected.

  5. I hope that same sentiment is shared by all ministers across the civil service. There are ministries where ministers want to tell the PSs and other senior autocrats how to run the affairs.

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