Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pierre Concerned About Economic Impact Of Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine flies in the face of all established international laws and principles, expects the conflict to impact the economies of Saint Lucia and the rest of the region.

“We know the impact on our countries. We have seen the price of oil increase. That will have serious repercussions for the economies of our country, in fact for the entire CARICOM area,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister told Friday’s edition of the HTS Evening News.

As a result, Pierre told the television news channel that the speedy resolution of the conflict would be to the region’s benefit.

“We hope that a peaceful resolution can be brought to that crisis. It is indeed a crisis. We hope the United Nations charters can be observed and we can get some resolution,” he stated.

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“We think we can solve our issues by negotiation, by communication, by understanding that people matter and respect for lives. So we hope we can get some sort of resolution,” the Castries East MP stated.

And as reported by HTS, Pierre joined CARICOM in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. With all what is happening, the two Saga-Boys, high profile Ministers of Government are living it up with Wine and best of Diners, first class Hotel services, indoor swimming pools, maid service you name it, life couldnt be better. Thanks to Mr. Chastanet for initiating it.(Lucia is sinking my Lord, send a life line before its too late)

  2. What exactly Pierre is intimating there, cause he has said nothing that anyone doesn’t know. I hope we are not a Russian base for the impending World War cause Russia is already establishing military bases in Venezuela. I hope that was not the reason why the Russians were here. Pierre your lack of leadership and your being pushed and pulled around by Richard and Helaire will cause us to suffer and the hardship is already upon us even before the war, so if the war affects us then whole chew Nou pa bon.

  3. For ordinary citizens and authorities of St. Lucia who are still enthralled by the stories emanating from the “empire of lies,” here is an interview with Scott Ritter, a US ex-Marine. If you know your history, you will remember that he was one of the inspectors sent into Iraq to find the truth about the WMDs that never existed. In his report then, he confirmed to the whole world, that no WMDs existed in Iraq. But the outlaw US empire would not have their invasion plans stymied. They had the house negro, Colin Powell, get on TV and lie to the whole world, while shaking a small vial of white powder pretending it was WMD evidence obtained from Iraq. Then, without a mandate from the UN, the US and their poodles from the Commonwealth and Europe attacked Iraq, and killed millions of innocent Iraqis.

    Fast-forward to the present, Scott Ritter is exposing the fresh lies being spread by the US & NATO regarding the situation in Ukraine, below:

    The Ukraine Crisis with Dan Cohen and Scott Ritter

    • If Pip is really interested in a remedy for his involuntary regurgitation of the talking points from the “empire of lies”, he should try a dosage of the discussions and comments that are provided daily from the Duran:

      Today’s (February 26, 2022) latest issue is titled: “Ukraine, Russia, EU, Zelensky, USD and SWIFT.”

  4. The Treaty of Rome i.e. ‘The European Union” is soon dead; Britain started the dismantling with Brixit, do you know what that means to Caribean ex-colonies? the Euro currency is in trouble

  5. What neutral stance is there to be had!?? If one don’t stand for something then they stand for nothing! Russ*a is a bully and have constantly exhibit thuggish behaviour. Can’t defend the indefensible. God help Ukraine. It’s an instance of David and Goliath. My heart hurts for the innocent who didn’t ask for this war. Every sovereign nation deserves peace and freedom on their own turf.

  6. The reporters need to ask him this question… I for one is looking forward to the facial expression… the one where you catch a liar or thief in action

  7. These clowns bashing the prime minister for everything……most of us have NEVER live thru a pandemic now a pending World War. Then you have the head Yellow Clown talking about “cushioning” he was not even born yet during World War 2….so he has not idea that this war is bigger than Pierre, bigger than all of us if things get out of hand and spiral out of control. We are in very dangerous times and the impact would devistate St Lucia economically. I wonder if these rabble-rouser really sit back and check the vibes how things would be in a month or by Easter.

  8. By “asserting that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine flies in the face of all established international laws and principles”, Pip is publicly exposing his gross ignorance of world affairs. I had to scroll back up the page to scrutinize the attached photo to this article for any signs of marionette strings or a puppeteer’s hand.

    He makes it very clear that he has never heard of Article 51 (Chapter VII) of the UN Charter!

  9. SMH. Only a Party hack would be fooled by that Statement. Where has PJP condemned the Russian Invasion. The guy is concerned about money and opportunities for the boys. He talking about Economic impact. Like seriously. Ok what about the economic impact of paying a guy a salary to undertake Infrastructural works at Min of Finance under the name CDP whiles u have a Ministry of Infrastructure with a Chief Engineer. What about the Economic Impact of having 3 Attaches as PM and an SLG whihc picks up one from her home everyday and drops her back home. What about Economic Impact of the sub contractors and workers who employed with FS to deliver a much needed expansion of the Rodney Section of our Roadway. What about the Economic Impact of giving Rayneau Direct Awards to all the roads e.g U just added St. Jude’s Highway with no signed contract. HE EMPLOYS NO ONE NEW, BUYS NO MATERIALS, RENTS NO TRUCKS, RENTS NO EQUIPMENT. Anyways. Am not surprised. BTW OUR GOVT HAD RUSSIANS HERE SECRETLY.

  10. I don’t think Lucian’s realize what they did to themselves… we like to travel to more advance countries but yet still we keep ours back by electing fools. Pip we know we’re in deep doodoo long before the war. No need for clarification
    We are just gonna have to pay the price for our foolishness.
    # don’tblamerussia.
    It started with you.

  11. Pierre don’t really care about whats going on in Ukraine just concerned about the economic impacts not giving St Lucians enough information about the situation. However we can always eat fig and be ok like he said smh. They would always hold back information from us not letting the public know about any Russians being transported by SLG vehicles.

    • Sad, sad, sad what is going on in our 21st Century world! How can a poweful country such as Russia be allowed to just bulldoze its way into a weaker independent country and mercilessly slaughter the people so that they can take over the people’s nation? The world is witnessing the crime of “National Housebreaking and Murder” in broad daylight! This is totally unacceptable to those of ud who treasure civility and the rights of persons! Putin needs to be called out, and his actions condemned! He must be held accountable for his murderous assault on tbe people of Ukraine! The world cannot just stand aside and comment on what he that thug is doing! Yes, Putin is a thug of thugs, and a despicable human being on the world stage today! No country should give him nor his Government any cover or support at this time. There’s a good chance there are Russian operatives dispersed in countries all over the world today who are trying to gauge the support the thug has in each territory. Well, any backer of Putin, who might be in Saint Lucia at this time, our sentiment to you is this: “Get the hell out of our country, and go to the hell-hole your thug has paved for himself and his admirets!” A supporter or sympathizer of Putin at this time is akin to being a supporter or sympathizer of Hitler back in the 1930s and 1940s.

  12. Why were Russian official here on the 4th February transported by SLG vehicles and no public statement was made?

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