Pierre Concerned Over COVID-19 Surge, Lull In Vaccination

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has expressed concern over the increase in COVID-19 cases in Saint Lucia and a lull in vaccination as the Island confronts a sixth wave of the virus.

And the Castries East MP has appealed to citizens to follow the protocols.

“We would hate to have to close the country again. That can’t happen. We wish that it will not happen and I want to urge Saint Lucians to get vaccinated. There has been almost a stoppage in terms of vaccinations. We are very concerned about it,” Pierre told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet on Monday.

He reiterated that ‘the science’ has proved that vaccination is a means of providing relief in the fight against COVID-19.

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Pierre’s comments came against the backdrop of local concerns over mass crowd events, including the resumption of the Gros Islet Friday night street party.

“We want to urge them to follow the protocols. There’s a protocol. The protocol is if there are events above a certain amount, you have to get the permission of the CMO,” he noted.

“I would like you to ask the CMO because all I know is that there are protocols that have to be followed,” Pierre told reporters when asked specifically about the Gros Islet event.

Regarding cancelling some activities, the PM said he would not like to go into what’s not within his sphere of knowledge.

“The Chief Medical Officer, the Ministry of Health are the ones who deal with issues as they relate to COVID. All the government can do is to persuade people, to tell them ‘Please,’ because it is very simple: follow the protocols,” Pierre declared.

He explained that when it comes to the people of Saint Lucia, his patience never runs short because he has great confidence in them.

“I know their wisdom. They make the right choices. You see what they did on July 26 – they made the right choice and I have respect for them, ” he stated.

Pierre’s Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) swept to power in a landslide after the July 26, 2021, general elections.

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  1. Science says masks don’t work with the new variants. After the sixth wave to hit our beautiful country every is either vaxed or has natural immunity. After more than two years, it is time to live our lives!

  2. Wow just wow with this idiot idiots voted in. When are you going to stop with the lies. We all know that the cmo never gave approval for all this shit that’s happening in St.Lucia. Why would you’ll bypass the lady just for a few dollars andto put your citizens in harms way

  3. Mr PM. I am watching and listening from the diaspora and I believe that you’re passing the buck. You need to take responsibility because the buck stops with you. Stop that Grois Islet Friday night party. The country can ill afford another wave.(Kenson, come on man!, I expected better from you)
    You need to return the confidence that the people plased in you by doing the right thing. Finish St Judes, you should have never stopped it in the first place. It might have been finish if you didn’t stop it. Give the people of the south what they deserve and investors confidence to invest in the south. Why should you discard a spacious and modern compound to ‘rebeginning’ the old structures that reports suggest is inadequate for a hospital? Makes no sense to me.
    I remember hearing alot of talk from the private sector and the medical and dental association in years past. Look like everyone take mumu tablet…
    My fellow St. Lucians we deserve better and we need to demand better from our leaders.

  4. Allen , where is the 7 million dollars you gave away for the vaccine?
    Joseph Herman Vitalis please answer for Allen.

  5. VACCINE 💉
    Together has long been prepared !
    For God is a God of ⚖️ justice
    Blessed are all who wait on him.
    Therefore,flee for your own lives,the destroyer will/has come against every town,four corners, everyone great, small and big.
    With much dreaming, their words are “meaningless”, to follow patern,terms, which brings shame and disgraced and perish together.

  6. Pjp told the reporter’s to ask the CMO…the Jack don’t even have confidence in himself, if the CMO approved Friday night jam and the upcoming carnival well something is definitely wrong…the CMO is choosing fete over people’s health lord put a hand.

  7. Philip are you not PM? So why did you allow this to happen? Why did you endorsed G-Islet street party? Even a child saw this would have happen. What Gor Gor PM is this. Start acting like a leader for God’s sake. Holding a mass crowd event is creating an atmosphere for the disease to spread. Why have G-Islet Friday if you want people to stay 6 feet apart or wear masks or stay home? It is a social event.
    In order for the G-Islet vendors to make money Kenson Casimir with his bright mind believed in having a mass crowd event and creating an environment for a sixth wave. Why didn’t you say NO. You allow it and now you want to threaten to close the country? I dare you close this country to see what will happen. This is an open space which is not controlled so how did you not expect to have a crowd. You’re so stupid in your thinking.

  8. Omg, How can a right thinking Lucian support this clown as a leader. Blame crime on the Police and commissioner, now blam COVID nos. on CMO and Ministry of Health. Like seriously. ANYWAYS

  9. So Pierre what are you saying, the CMO has turned PM! According to you the CMO and the Ministry of Health make the calls with you on the sideline, and all you have to say is follow protocols. You continue to elude your responsibility as PM by distancing yourself from the COVID.
    Remember, you are the PM and that’s what you made all the lies and deceit for. You are the final authority of this island. The CMO should only make recommendations to you. Apparently you don’t want to be blamed. But when things go sour you are “Ultimately Responsible.”

  10. In less than a month all carnival activities will start so we’re going into a high mass-crowd activity with high covid numbers. What is the thinking behind this? Sacrifice the health of a nation so that he lies, his friends and the poo sie power pues secretary bands and the crooked disbarred lawyer can get a big pay day. SLP is the new FFF …. friends family first……..not you the people who voted and worked hard for the victory………nope. The lazy entitled leeches who sat back whilst the common folk worked so they can crawl out of their holes and enjoy the party.

  11. Most Honorable PJP at this point 2022 running into 2023 if St Lucians don’t know how to protect themselves since 2019 it don’t make no sense preaching to them. All who don’t want or never had the vaccine good for them millions took it and are still alive. Covid never went anywhere , the virus just regroup and coming back again stronger. You had to do what you had to do for Lucian’s to survive. The place had to open up dollars have to make, the bills and taxes you can’t escape them we owe people, Chastanet borrow like crazy we have to pay the bills.

  12. Pierre first of all it is if there is an event over a certain number not amount. You have been using amount when you should use number too often.
    Secondly I share your concern with the increasing numbers, but what are you and your administration doing to curb the situation. You need to lead and stop trying to put others on the spot when you have failed.
    Thirdly you trust the people of St Lucia who did the right thing and voted you in handsomely. I hope when the time comes for the payments of all the evil that went on leading to elections St Lucians don’t start to beg for mercy.

  13. Pierre you must be a damn joker. You and your government play with people’s health and lives. This is the plan you had all along to allow Kenson to go ahead and allow Friday night to happen so there could be another surge so you could open flap you call a mouth to talk about Vaccination. You’re the devil and a jackass

  14. piere reminds me of when Stevenson king was in power a softy man that has no balls to stand up and be a man and make decisions

  15. piere how the hell people going to follow protocols in a mass crowd event. Who is going to wear a mask in a mass crowd event , how are you going to stand six feet apart from people in the gros islet night jam? you people are pathetic yow, i hate hearing that f ing crap, you cannot uphold protocols in these close gatherings.

    you could not do it when it was elections time why you think it can be done now. these politicians are the ones causing these waves and when the cases get high we the civilians are the ones that have to pay the consequences of it

  16. Why is it the prime minister acts like he is afraid of making rules. He must stand up and stop doing as if because the ppl vote you in that you must allow them to do what they please. Its when ppl start dying like flies thats when he will want to take stringent measures. He must take control of the country. Lead the ppl.

  17. This is gibberish at its best every weekend micoud comes alive with a mass crowd event is this the work of the underground no one sees? No one hears? No one talks about yet the word gets out and u mr Pierre are u a concerted prime minister? This is all I hear u saying you’re concerned as u should be also doing something bout it u say it’s the job of the medics and cmo engage them on a way forward they can make decisions your job is implementing the police job is enforcing don’t say I didn’t tell you and have a nice day

  18. I cannot understand the thinking of giving in to maybe 50 places of business and venders to jeopardize a whole island. I saw the pictures of the hundreds of people crowded and unmasked of the opening night. What could possibly be the reasoning for this very dangerous event. Cancel the dangerous event once again and stop putting all of us in jeopardy. We are all making financial sacrifices why pick GROS ISLET to turn your head and cause a 6th wave? I love the Street Party but not at these times


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