Pierre Confident Of Election Win, Says People Are ‘Fed Up’

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Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader, Philip J. Pierre, has expressed confidence that his party will win the July 26 general elections, asserting that labour party surveys on the ground show that people ‘really are fed up’ with corruption, victimisation and vindictiveness of the government.

“And to make it worse, the revelations by Stephenson King who was in the cabinet, it shows what we were saying was always true – that this government actually sits and decides how to go after people,” the Castries East MP told HTS on Friday.

He said Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph, very early in the United Workers Party ((UWP) term in government, said: ‘You just start to cry!’

The SLP leader recalled saying that the prime minister should have sanctioned Joseph and tell him he should not say that.

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Pierre said the Economic Development Minister was directing the remarks at the SLP to be conveyed to its supporters.

He said he had warned the UWP regime that despite its 11-6 margin, a substantial number of people in Saint Lucia support the SLP.

“So when the prime minister says ‘You’ve lost your right to speak’ it was an arrogance in the government because they won the elections, so this minister believed he could say it with impunity that 90 percent of the people who lost their NICE jobs were supporters of the labour party,” Pierre explained.

And he disclosed that the 90 percent amounted to some 4,000 individuals.

“Let us suppose that 4,000 of them were labour, which we have no way of proving because they won the elections, these people have families. These 4,000 people directly or indirectly feed two to three persons and the two to three persons that they feed, some of them may be UWP.”

But Pierre said the UWP administration became drunk with power.

“The way they treated us in parliament – they laughed at us, the prime minister did not want to hear us, they tried to block the vote of no confidence – they treated us with utter disdain and contempt because they did not realise that the time would come when they would have to go back to the people and that’s the time now,” Pierre stated.

He said he has warned his colleagues that from day one, they must remember that they will have to go back to the people.

“Our job is temporary,” Pierre stated.

However, while expressing confidence of an election win, he said the SLP is not taking anything for granted.


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