Pierre: Construction Work On The Original St. Jude Will Begin In November

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced that construction work on the original St. Jude Hospital will begin in November this year.

“The first phase of the construction will be the fencing of the original site and external exterior works,” Pierre told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet.

The Castries East MP disclosed that ‘full construction’ of the remaining buildings will continue in the new year.

He expressed confidence that the reconstruction on the original site would be a relief to Saint Lucians and the people of the South.

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“We are in the process. As I said I always want to comment when I get (it) from the experts,” was Pierre’s response when asked about the project cost.

“Right now the costing is at the Ministry of Infrastructure. Until they verify it I am not going to say anything,” he told reporters.

And regarding a project timeline, Pierre repeated that construction would start on the external part in November this year.

He recalled that after the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) won July 26, 2021, general elections, the party indicated that its first order of business would have been St. Jude Hospital.

Cabinet then appointed a committee that included architects, engineers and medical personnel to advise on the way forward.

According to the Prime Minister, the report indicated that it would be folly to continue work on the new building which was only 30 percent complete and on which over $100 million had been spent.

“If it had been completed it would only be one floor. So it didn’t make any sense to have a hospital on one floor and construction works going on on the other floor,” he stated.

And Pierre explained that the time would come when there would be ‘full ventilation’ of the facts regarding St Jude in the public domain.

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  1. Mr Pierre in your desperation to become PM you sold out to turncoat UWPS who could put a few dollars into your campaign….now they are bleeding this country grabbing every bit of return they can on their measly investment which you were foolhardy enough to fall for. I wait patiently to see which turncoat UWP contractor will get this St. Jude’s project.

    • My pm tell us why fdl was given contracts for the work in marchand your constituency……you mean to tell me the same person who got all contracts under guy and cheryl at pcu for cuts now getting contract work in your consultancy……..the same fdl your hacks were told to bash and give mizee pawol ……what a sell out you pm. Shame on you

      • That’s to show Pierre is level headed:-not partisan: a PM for all the people regardless of party affiliation. The best contractor should be given the job, based on experience and readiness, as well as cost saving. To hell with party. Party petty games are killing this country and need to stop.

  2. What a shame and so disappointed in pjp sad the people of the south would not demand for the pm to finish the new hospital..A bunch of wicked set of people when the people will get angry embarrassment

  3. It is rather unfortunate that after all this time the PM is giving such petty information.
    I can appreciate that since this St Jude issue maybe litigated he can’t say much.
    But it is important at this time if you choose to say something it must be of substance. That is how many phases/ parts, cost , time frame, contractor/s ,scope of works etc.

    Mr PM you have just created more confusion and speculation around St Judes 14 months after works have been stopped.

    Terrible PR .

  4. Am I the only one seeing that our PM is lying? It appears that nothing is in the pipeline for St Judes. The work is starting in November by fencing and you can’t even say that the process will continue after the christmas holidays? Can’t even give a date?

  5. He is not listening to the people. Is he? The people to him are those who supports all his initiatives who are the ‘yes’ people. The narcissists or those who only sees party color. These leaders do not learn and when they are voted out they all wondering why. If you do not like an initiative the government takes, they label you as anti government or UWP or vice versa.

  6. Education and proper healthcare should be the priority of any society. It is extremely sad when there are severe shortcomings in both areas in St. Lucia. Get three tours to commence the work @ St. Jude (around the clock in order to expedite-with professional and adequate supervision to ensure compliance for 100 percent deliverables on each tour) – you don’t have to contend with winter weather – smh

  7. It is my view that the New Hospital should be completed rather than this old building. We have an international Airport that caters for our tourism product, the life blood of Saint Lucia and we must think in terms of providing first class treatment to our people and people who may be visiting the Island. We must also think of Airplane accidents that may occur and how to deal with mass casualties with International standards that are required in this time. It makes no logical sense to complete this old building which does not meet the modern day requirement of a hospital. I believe that my Prime Minister is being mislead by blind and brainless people who have no long term vision for Saint Lucia. This so called engineer who is always run his mouth on my television set needs to go and construct toilets for Marchand residents, he was the same one who critized the Choc road rehabilitation project that saw a great improvement in the flow of traffic on the road from Castries to Gros-Islet.

    • Good point but as St. Lucians we need to stop debasing people from certain neighbourhoods and instead stand together as brothers and sisters. You could have simply said needs to go and construct toilets.

      • I can see where Pierre is coming from. There is urgency in getting a functioning hospital in the south. The stadium may not last for much longer. If it’s taken decades to have 30% of a hospital completed, can you imagine how much longer it would take to complete it at the same rate of construction! So much time and money have been spent and there is very little to show for it. Pierre is an economist and minister of finance, therefore, he is the best person to know how we stand financially. The delay in the continuation of the construction of the hospital may just be due to the lack of funds. Can’t borrow any more on top of all the millions which have been borrowed by the previous administration and must be paid back. The mother of all questions is , “where did all that borrowed money go ? Some of you are mad at the wrong person. I trust Pierre to borrow and spend responsibly! In the mean time, the old hospital can be refurbished so much more quicker than the new can be completed. It is what it is? The old will suffice for now.

      • Pierre says he’s an expert economist and financialist yet he would spend more money building a new hospital because UWP did work on the other, rather play politics wanting them to claim the old St. Jude and leaving people health and safety at risk in this dirty unmaintained St. Jude hospital in the name of party.

  8. And it will take 4 more years to complete work on the original one by which point UWP will be voted into power, then they will deem the “nearly completed” original building not up to standard and decide to continue work on the “new building” which will take another 4-5 years at which point UWP will be routed at the pools and SLP will come into power and once again deem the “new new building” unsuitable and continue work on the “nearly nearly completed” original building which will take another 4-5 years. In the meanwhile St. Lucians will continue to argue about which party has been wrong or right and which building has been suitable or not as 100s of millions of tax payers money that could actually be used to progress the country has been squandered.

    If this sounds far fetched to you, you’re probably new to how things are done in St. Lucia or in denial. Either way we are the ones suffering because of the negligence and apathy of both administrations.


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