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Pierre Criticises Chastanet Over Statement About Colonialism, Economics

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has criticised Prime Minister Allen Chastanet over comments the PM made recently about colonialism and economics.

And Pierre believes Chastanet owes Saint Lucians an apology.

“He says that economics has no conscience and even colonialism had a conscience,” Pierre recalled.

“You want to believe that colonialism had a conscience?” The opposition leader asked in disbelief during a virtual Town Hall meeting aired Tuesday on Choice Television.

He observed that it was the birthday of Malcolm X, the American Muslim minister and human rights activist who was born in 1925.

“What would Malcom X feel or what would Martin Luther King feel if they heard the Prime Minister of a country say that colonialism had a conscience?”

Pierre said the last time he checked what economics meant, it was defined as the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth, of goods and services.

“That is about people,” the Castries East MP asserted.

“Economics is about people – economics is about improving the quality and the standard of living of the people of the country,” the Economist by profession explained.

“Economics, Mr. Prime Minister, does have a conscience,” Pierre declared.

“Have you heard about the welfare states? Have you heard about social safety nets? Have you heard about transfer of incomes? Have you heard about transfer of technology? Have you heard of stimulus projects? These, Mr. Prime Minister, are economics with a conscience,” Pierre stated.

He expressed the view that economics has a conscience.

According to Pierre, Prime Minister Chastanet should really apologise to the people of Saint Lucia for his comments about colonialism, a legacy that people are ashamed of.

“Even our colonial masters are ashamed of colonialism. That is why we are  speaking about getting some level of  support and help for people who were colonialised,” he observed.

Pierre, addressing Prime Minister Chastanet directly, said COVID-19 had exposed ‘the bluff’.

“It exposed the emptiness, it exposed all the problems that existed in Saint Lucia that you failed to do anything about, even after you inherited an economy where the debt to GDP ratio had been reduced, where there were surpluses on current accounts – an economy that had given you the springboard to move Saint Lucia in a new direction,” he stated.




  1. Come on Philip,you owe Lucian a million apologies and we haven’t received a single one as yet.
    You boys always want someone to apologize and I don’t think we ask you to be the one to demand it..
    We have to many pressing things to think and take care of like so many people out of jobs and the Coronavirus.
    We don’t have time to hold toddlers hands.

  2. Let me see how many slaves they have in st Lucia go head say something bad try defend Chastanet statement boy black ppl eh no white man pose to make no reference to slavery in a positive light rubbish

      • Well you wasted your thoughts. I suspect as usual. And by the way to help you, there is no way you will study econ at a university and don’t do accounts or study accounts and don’t do econ.
        Now Chastanet claims to be a Development Economist and does not even know what economics is. Now I an wondering.
        I did only first economics and would not say that nonsense Chastanet said.

  3. I don’t understand what kind of reporting is this. They didnt even state what the PM said, in what context, nothing. smh

    • Don’t blame the writer for your ignorance. This matter was very well reported in the news and made the rounds on social media. You know you cannot defend your PM on the nonsense he said so you trying to change the conversation. And in case you did not hear the news because you were under a rock then do an internet search.

    • Ha I made the same observation Troy, you and I are amongst the few I’m his comment section who would read the article right through, or at all. I’m here looking at these illiterates ramble on. Soon some simp callinging himself Lucian high grade will reach and talk some real chimp babble.

      • Just saying so much for reading the article right through. Then you are a damn illiterate because the start of the article (the first 3 sentences) read : Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has criticised Prime Minister Allen Chastanet over comments the PM made recently about colonialism and economics.
        And Pierre believes Chastanet owes Saint Lucians an apology.
        “He says that economics has no conscience and even colonialism had a conscience,” Pierre recalled.
        Troy said the article did not say what the PM said and you agreed. Both you and Troy are liars. The article said “He says that economics has no conscience and even colonialism had a conscience,”
        Now you mean both you and Troy expect the article writer to explain the PM’s context? You mean you so damn illiterate that you don’t get that the article is about Pierre’s response? You don’t get that if it is about Pierres response then the focus would be about the context of Pierre’s response? Finally, do you only crawl from under a rock just to comment here?

  4. We will never be able to agree about these issues,because we all interpret things in a diffrent way.Me as a happy nigger,Im glad that my mothers ancestors,were captured and brought to the Caribean as slaves.Me nigger happy I got education,happy I have wonderfull house,have a great family,and plenty of work with big bussines,can take holidays and travel all over the world with all the family.When I see what Africa has to offer to their black population,that is a shite hole

  5. I agree with Philip J Pierre. But then again, Chastanet doesn’t have a conscience. So I don’t expect him to know the meaning of colonialism or economics.

  6. PM. Pierre I love my brother but one day you and I will have sit down and have a serious reasoning. PM Pierre why should you be surprise of these kind of rhetoric from Allen Michael Chastanet , when it’s clearly imbedded in his DNA. You got to understand the history of this man, his background, and family tree then you will understand why he is quite comfortable stating or saying all he has stated. From dissrespecting our BLACK WOMEN from a foreign soil, to calling us JACKASSES, to SELLING OFF our Black Men to cut sugar cane during a pandemic with borders closed goes to show how CHAUVANINIST this man is. His CHUVANNISTIC THEOLOGY, can be seen in the way he address the needs our civil servants and teachers and his concept of screwing the working poor of this country to be embedded in debt and servitude by FAILED INVESTMENTS WITH NO DIVIDENTS. Look Trump announced if their should be a second wave the US will not be closing down do you think this man understand the fallout this will mean for St Lucia ? But they are busy spending and building.

  7. Who the f care about Malcolm x what did he do for st Lucia stop promoting racism piere it will not work

    • I care about Malcolm x because I am black and know my history. To make that point means you are either white or a retarded black person. Ignorance at best is what you represent. Such a dumb comment in 2020.
      None? That’s the name you choose? You are nothing? Sad!

  8. I have understood the word “Colonialism” in this context or you have taken it in isolation?

    • Truth Being Told, please I beg you please, provide us with the various contexts of colonialism. Please come on tell us.I know that around the world colonialism has one meaning, tell us about the various context that you have discovered. Do it and I have a Phd for you. Dr. Truth Being Told, Phd. in Bulshitology

  9. We deserve it , the white man is telling us that we are black trash , the only time you treat trash with a conscience is when you are disposing it . We done My Prime Minister . The black trash will defend the insults . Well done !!! Bravo!! Bravo !! black at its best .

  10. Anyone have a link to what the Prime Minister said because if what is reported in this article is true. He does indeed owe the people of Saint Lucia an apology

  11. It is an absolute outrage that the prime minister of a former black colony, which has gone through the worst form of slavery in recorded history, would have the effrontery to speak of colonisation as having a conscience. What would possess Mr Chastanet to so insult the inheritors of this sordid chapter of our history?The perpetrators of that iniquitous and murderous system of colonialism which relegated our people to the lowly status of property have refused to apologise or pay reparations for the suffering and degradation that our people have had to endure. It is no surprise that Mr Chastanet who is discernibly white and who has been brought up on white privilege would refuse to apologise for such a reprehensible statement. That some of our people have chosen to support the prime minister’s indiscretion, one of whom describes himself as a “nigger” who is happy that his mother’s ancestors were captured and enslaved only speaks volumes of the inferiority complex and the psychological damage that is the legacy of that selfsame colonialism which Mr Chasranet seeks to uphold. It is sad that there are people of that mindset in St Lucia today. I am resolved to vote against that undisguised racism exhibited by Mr Chastanet come next election. And I invite my fellow St Lucian to fo likewise.

  12. Colonialism has left us with some very deep wounds.
    Mr Chastanet has just put salt into our wounds. He needs to apologise.

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