Pierre: Decriminalising Possession Of Small Quantities Of Cannabis Does Not Mean Opening The Floodgates

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre indicated Tuesday as parliament was considering the Drugs (Prevention and Misuse)(Amendment) bill, that decriminalising small quantities of cannabis is  part of an entire process dealing with the marijuana industry generally.

“What we are doing this morning is we are decriminalising the use of small quantities of marijuana – 30 grams. That means that no longer will people be charged or arrested if they are in possession of 30 grams or less of cannabis. That doesn’t  mean that we are opening the floodgates. What we are doing is that we are removing the burden on the legal system of having to deal with one joint or so,” he told reporters.

“And very soon we are going to be back in the parliament with legislation to deal with the cannabis industry generally, to deal with the cannabis for use in export, for use for health purposes, so today is just one step in the process,” Pierre stated.

He was asked what message he would like to send to people who have in the past been arrested for possession of small quantities of cannabis.

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“We are going to officially apologise. In fact, last week we passed a bill where we expunged from the records anybody who was convicted for small quantities of marijuana and also for COVID offences. We think that that was in a different era – a different time. Our system is overloaded and we are going to cause a halt to that  right now by ensuring that people do not get imprisoned for small quantities of marijuana,” was the Prime Minister’s  response.

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