Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Pierre ‘Deeply Troubled’ Over Crime, Urges Police To Do More

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Against the backdrop of a record number of homicides in 2021 and two fatal shootings so far for the New Year, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has expressed that he remains ‘deeply troubled’ by the incidence of crime, particularly violent ones.

Addressing a news conference on Monday, the Prime Minister declared that Saint Lucia is beginning to look like a country consumed with anger and rage.

” As a country we must return quickly to having respect for life. That respect comes with recognising the rights of others and giving to every citizen what is their due. Our young people cannot be settling their differences with the power of the gun. There are just too many guns in the hands of citizens who should not be carrying them,” Pierre lamented.

He reiterated his government’s commitment to supporting the police in their fight against crime, declaring that the labour administration continues to provide resources to law enforcement despite limited finances.

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And while acknowledging that the root cause of serious crime may stem from dysfunctional social conditions, the Castries East MP said short-term measures could alleviate the scourge of violent crime.

He urged the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to do more in this regard.

“I cam calling on the management of the police to do more and take control of our streets and communities when crime appears to be flourishing. There are legal means by which we can do that,” the PM explained.

“We need to get those unlicenced firearms off our streets. In the coming weeks, I am expecting to see some police initiatives to bring the level of crime under control. We cannot have another year of so many homicides,” the PM asserted in his opening remarks to Monday’s news conference.

In the meantime, Pierre said his administration would continue plans to change the social structures that drive young people into anti-social behavior and criminality.

He called on all citizens to support the police in their efforts to fight crime, explaining that everyone stands to gain if violent crime is under control.

“The social and economic cost of crime is becoming a heavy burden on our country. We can do more – the government, the police and the citizens, to correct this growing problem of violent crime. To bring the crime situation under control, my government will be providing the resources and the police will be expected to make effective use of these resources and the rest of us must lend support to the work of the police,” Pierre said at the news conference.

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  1. Look man when I make a contribution to the forum. I expect my post to be uploaded especially when I have not violated the rules and terms. Stop playing politics with the forum and allow freedom of information to flow.

    You guys picking and choosing which comment to show !!

  2. Therefore if satan is against satan, will his trone last ?
    Do not be rebel against the evildoers and Authorities. May God who gives endurance and encouragement, gives you a sprit of (unity) among ourselves.
    Each other,let us behave decently ! Willingly to associate with personnes of low or high position.
    Do not be conceited ;do what is good and be bless and leave no room for God’s anger and wrath !
    For Love must be fulfilled, because the time has come to wake up !
    Since God has never ‘said’ a last word,so as his words must be continued.
    Bless and not curse !
    Mercy, Peace and Love in abundance !

  3. MoreMal keeps forgetting that his party is in power and he is now Prime Minister. Why the hell are you “calling on the management of the police”. As PM you need to be instructing them and developing plans with them. The people voted you in to lead. Start leading!

  4. With this fool Pierre in charge. The country is going to tank. Nothing but empty promises from this man, with no clue how to implement progressive policing initiatives He’s wanting to extract more from an already depleted police force. Give them support! Stop the speeches, offer tangible initiatives. Enough you clown! Get to work. We losing our country while you sit urging.

  5. With what resources are police supposed to do more? Does national security even exist? Doesn’t this portfolio fall under your umbrella? What example is your government setting when we continue to see victimization, nepotism and elitism in your camp? Stop the hypocrisy.

  6. While you busy prioritizing ambassador positions for the general secretary wife, the missing in action rambally opportunist and turncoat severin, and giving national trust the subvention so madam Compton can get her job, you neglected to prioritize national security and resources for the police and now you want to feign concern. Man sit dong because you and your clueless cabal are useless.

  7. What do you expect when 99% of the young men in your country are side purse wearing, nappy headed, barely literate goons with no ambition but drinking rum and smoking weed by the road while bobbing their empty heads to degenerate Jamaican music.

    The young men have been cast aside and neglected and the entire future of the country is now in jeopardy.

  8. St. Lucia is on a time bomb. If nothing is done. It will explode. Man govern , take the lead, and stop looking for excuses.

  9. Is their actually a police force reasons so many murders and nothing is been done crime upon crime upon crime the leaders are mute i believe there is some secret to y nothing is been done

  10. The crime will never end…as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. The only thing left for police to do is just start shooting people, there’s nothing more that can be done.some of our biggest criminals are the ppl that own the stores,the business places in town. You can’t keep trimming the branches and expect the tree to die, you have to kill the roots first then branches and all will follow. Presently my child is at home because there’s a wide spread of covid in the school…then again who cares? It’s just a cold.

  11. The Tripple Homicide at Marshand no arrest .will.never occur .The year just Start so much Crime St.Lucia heading down the Drain

  12. Prime Minister Pierre Big Up yourself Boss. I cat stand those disgruntled Yellow Johncrows they are so disgusting they will damn you when you do and damn you when you don’t. Just imagine their White God of a PM for five years said nothing on the matter to this day January 17th 2022 he can’t open his yellow mouth because he knows the day he does John Public will be all over him like stink on shit . All he do everyday his fret and bawl over The Good Doc Range Rover (bad mind) he don’t have one, if it’s not that he bawling over Covid or go by his Obeah Man to bring down the peoples choice of government; all now he can’t pay back the State the 7.3 million he teef and split with the Coolie. He and that Lapo Francis who the The Most Honorable KDA tried to restore into a principled man did nothing to address crime. As far as I am concerned he should not be collecting a salary from the State, but instead forfeiting it to a women’s shelter for batterd women or to a domestic violence program he failed to quelled when he was given the position as police commissioner in vain.

  13. You’re so concerned about crime but what action have you taken to start to address it. Whilst you are busy paying back your financiers and rewarding political opportunists with undeserving positions you have neglected to appoint a minister of national security or even a national security task force. When you show people that those who work hard and fight for you are kicked aside so your elitist friends and disloyal crew can earn big salaries and rob hard workers of earning a living, isn’t that criminal? When a man with a bar, supermarket and wholesale business can be employed as an attaché and earn a $5000 isnt that criminal? You and Richy boy have instead decided that government can’t help or give people anything or take their calls anymore instead of putting the much needed social programs in place in the disenfranchised areas. When government ministers are seen as receiving special privileges by the courts how can crime be solved? Putting people first means ensuring their national security. Stop the patronizing speeches and blaming the past government and get to work.

  14. I agree that the police can do more however, don’t pass the buck on to the police. Government has to set the tone for the police to function. You need to set appropriate policies then they (the police) can act appropriately. In addition, the judiciary must get their act together as well. When the three branches’ houses are in order and working together, then and only then will the the scourge of criminality will be arrested!

    I wonder if UWPs will understand that (being open minded).

  15. So let’s see here. We’ve got a Prime Minister who’s concerned about crime “Whoop-dee-do”! It’s that same politician that ran on a platform critisizing the previous government’s inaction on dealing with crime. So now here he sits “Urging” the police to do more. More what? With what? This clown Pierre is a man void of idea’s. Just lip service. Oooo, “I concerned about crime”. I got nothing to offer, but I concerned. My concern should be good enough to solve the problem. Yes! St. Lucian leadership at it’s best.

  16. Pierre’s deflection does not go unnoticed. Simply giving the police a few thousand dollars will hardly change the crime rate. A fair amount of the solution lies in the hands of government. First, Pierre must come to the realization that he has limited lawful deterrence in place. Bailing those those gun criminals is a huge mistake. The sentencing is another joke….gassa, you eh have no deterrence.

    By placing all the blame on the cops, simply showcases what almost everyone knows about Pierre. He is sadly weak. He has to make a bold decision and I doubt he has the testicular strength.

    We need a grand strategy.

  17. Wow any address to your parliament and the criminals in their advocating these crimes? More resources to the police to no avail they would just hold the resources for their own protection…

  18. Well said Mr. Pierre. Lets get Mr. Wayne Charlery involved as he did during the last election. By the way Mr. Pierre can you have Dr Hilaire to repair the Marigot Road please.

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