Thursday, August 18, 2022

Pierre Defends The Integrity Of Professionals In The Public Service

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The work and integrity of senior level professionals employed in the public service briefly came into focus during the July 12 Sitting of the Lower House of Assembly.

Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre citing documented reports from the Finance Ministry was able to set the record straight and preserve the integrity of the policy makers advising the Cabinet.

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Source: Office of the Prime Minister


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Editorial Staff
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  1. St.Lucian Pilitricktians have No respect for the Persons who Support them at the Ballot Boxes.The time will come when Citizens of the Caribbean will do exactly like the Sri Lankers

  2. After watching this video, I will no longer support this man…. It’s like watching gossip girls.
    He has never made a speech or said something on camera without making himself look like a complete fool. I am DONE defending mate smh

  3. Talking of integrity of professionals, you should respect whatever integrity left of St. Lucia. We do not appreciate sending one to represent St. Lucia, bending from a dark cloud over his head. I don’t know who is advising you; let’s hope he is not the one calling the shots. Be blissed.

  4. How can he when documents from within the service were leaked to Richard and all the other goons by public servants including King


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