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Pierre Defends Walkout From Parliament

Opposition leader Philip J. Pierre has defended this week’s opposition walkout from parliament over the refusal of Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, to withdraw a statement to the house.

During Tuesday’s sitting Chastanet asserted that opposition members cannot  even substantiate their own lies, prompting an intervention from Speaker Andy Daniel.

Daniel told the Saint Lucia PM that it was un-parliamentary to refer to any member as a liar and asked him to withdraw the statement.

But Chastanet said he refused to do so,  asserting that far worse had been said in the house prior to his statement and stuck to his guns despite several requests from the Speaker.

The PM urged the Speaker to take whatever action he wanted.

His actions prompted an uproar from the opposition side who subsequently walked out of the parliament.

Speaking afterwards, opposition leader Philip J. Pierre observed that in parliament persons cannot be sued for slander or defamation.

He noted that the only recourse that the Speaker has is to ask that a statement be withdrawn or be struck off the records.

“All the Prime Minister had to do was to obey the rules of the parliament – have the necessary respect for the Speaker and simply withdraw the statement,” Pierre said.

He said the Saint Lucia Prime Minister after arguing with the Speaker, blatantly refused to withdraw.

“In our opinion as the opposition, there was blatant disrespect for the parliament and disrespect for the Speaker,” the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader and Castries East MP explained.

He stated that as a result, the opposition felt it could not be part of the proceedings and walked out.



  1. Do you believe that this man listened to himself? Respect in the house? What an undermining of St Lucians intelligent. The PM used the word “lies”. The speaker as to withdraw. Parliamentarian has the write not to withdraw. The Speaker took the necessary action, by not allowing the PM to continue. What is wrong with that?

    • Wrong the two actions the speaker has to reprimand MPs is too make them withdraw their statement or expell them from the house. Neither was done which means the PM is acting like rules dont apply to him. The opposition was right to leave

  2. Pierre, let the speaker deal with it! who appointed or purpose Andy as speaker? So you have joined the PM with his lack of respect, mépris and arrogance? Walking out of Parliament is an insult to the house and the people of the land! You politicians must stop this arrogance, lack of respect and mépris you are displaying to the electorate of this land! You are our servants! Just remember that! This is my opinion!

  3. It’s too long since we have submitted to those foolish rules and laws, one cannot be sued for slander and defamation in the house, ******* but stand up and speak the truth, police want to beat you, everybody quick to sue you. Its time we do away with that hypocritical system that those politicians devise to protect themselves. Respect church, court, house of parliament, respect titles, call ppl your honor who has no honor, your worship, and a host of rubbish…anarchy mi say

  4. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, you’ll should have stayed in the house and show respect also,and I’m a red.

  5. Just a minute to begin noone can call someone or something a lie in the house. You can say it’s untrue so he was wrong. Secondly let me get this he can chose not to withdraw a statement. We can all be critical towards the pm for his actions but for Pierre to hold judgement is like the devil judging sin. No one takes 90% of guy serious yet you take him so seriously you almost fight the man in that same house. You have your right to walk out fine but talking about respect for the house come on now Pierre you don’t have period. Shaun Edward I know have plenty because he restrained you from getting in a brawl wit guy in that same house

  6. You guys are grown A$% adults, stop the nonsense and handle the business/affairs of the country. You guys forget that you all are on the clock, we St. Lucians are the once flipping the bill for all this back and forth crap you guys are doing. We need to start voting to dork y’all pay when y’all start fu^kIn& up. DO BETTER AND HANDLE THE AFFAIRS OF THE COUNTRY

  7. This political warfare is getting out of hand.
    The SLP too had said horrendous things in the house. Right now as far as i see it, the opposition especially Phillip j Pierre seems to be on a high house. He appears thirsty for power and to me. He will try all tactics in the books to get recognition

    He has been all most annoyingly vocal for the past couple of months. Trying to prove some dull Points. That in fact his party should be help liable for.

    I just wish that all our ministers could display some level of respect, intelligence, maturity as they represent whatever it is they are representing.


    • So you have no words to admonish the PM behaviour ? I hope when the SLP mps do something disrespectful in the House you complain about the UWP mps behaviour as well. But something tells me you wont

      • They’re missing the point. The point if SLP says something that is disrespectful to the house and they are asked to withdraw they do withdraw. But the PM was asked to withdraw his statement and he downright refused. Disrespect the Speaker, the country and its citizens. And why is that?? He is not one of us so he has no respect for us.

  8. These guys has engaged in more walk outs in recent time that has happened over the last 35 years or so. It is not longer effective. It’s like here they go again abdicating their responsibilities. Is it not disrespectful to always walk out of my he house when ever the GG is in the house but can still go and wine and dine sleuth him at his official residence? Hypocrites.

      • And the disrespect has become more frequent from the PM and Guy. So I guess the opposition should just roll over and take it.

  9. The opposition has shown their inability to stand against adversary. They crumble and take the easy way out,not to speak of disrespect. How then can you be an effective leader? When things don’t go your way you don’t stand and fight for us,you crumble and run. Pathetic!!!!

  10. Stand and fight in the house??? Where the Speaker who is UWP will ask them to keep quiet. Really?? One of the opposition members should do exactly what Allan did and lets see how Mr Speaker and the rest will handle it.

  11. A walk out by the opposition is the only way of making a stand to show that they are not in agreement with something that has gone on in the house. It should not be taken as weak, cowardly or not doing their duty as parliamentarians. The Speaker, who I have admired and respected in the past has this time let me down in this instance, he should have asked the PM to leave the house just as he had asked Guy Joseph a few months ago when he refused to withdraw his statement. If I were the Speaker I would have resigned the next day on principle and then there would have been the predicament where the House would not have been able to continue because of the lack of a Deputy Speaker which is another indictment on the part of the PM for not wanting to appoint one from his side.
    The opposition have said things of which the Speaker has asked them to withdraw their statements and they have with humility, so why can’t Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet do the same. It was disrespect to the Parliament, the Speaker and the people of Saint Lucia what the PM did and he should apologize if he is a big enough man. Humility is not a sign of weakness but of great strength.
    Saint Lucia on the whole is in a state of disarray!

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