Pierre Does Not Rule Out International Help In Saint Lucia’s Anti-Crime Fight

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre did not rule out international help in Saint Lucia’s fight against what he recently described as an ‘alarming’ crime situation when reporters questioned him Monday on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting.

His comments followed Saturday night’s fatal shooting of off-duty police officer Constable Nathan Timaitre.

Timaitre’s colleague Special Police Constable Isaac Calvin alias King sustained injuries and was reported in critical condition..

The off-duty officers were engaged in a cash escort when shooters ambushed them at Bocage, Castries.

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“All options are open,” Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre said when reporters asked him about international intervention in local crime-fighting.

He described the Bocage incident as a sad day in this country.

According to Pierre, who is responsible for National Security, the message is that violence is unacceptable.

“We have to do whatever we can to avoid the scourge of violence afflicting our country,” he stated.

At the same time, the Castries East MP observed that the situation has been confronting the country for a long time and warned against playing the blame game.

Nevertheless, Pierre explained that while the government, within its fiscal ability, provides resources to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), it’s for the police force to develop strategic responses to crime.

“We have to be calm, we have to be resolute, we have to fight the criminality together,” he asserted.

“Criminality al all levels, at the level of corruption, at the level of situations where people do not speak the truth – we have to get all these situations under control,” the PM expressed.

“Criminality in all aspects is horrible and what’s happening now where there’s a loss of life and property cannot be tolerated,” he told reporters.

In this regard, Pierre urged everyone to get together to deal with the scourge of crime.

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  1. And it goes on and on !
    Under which goverment did give orders
    to the officiels to kill the two innocent
    brothers at grand rivière (quartier de Dennry)?

    • The two political parties have failed the people From John Compton to the present as they only represent the interest of the capitalist who exploit 80 percent of private sector workers 2:50 cents an hour crime just start

  2. There are people who have been speaking to you all for years as to how to deal with this situation. But the fact that the worms in cabinet and within the public service will be exposed ( which we all know them anyways) you all ignored them. Both sides! Now those same people have washed their hands, yall scrambling like headless roaches. Suffer yall infestation in public service or start to get rid of your internal pestilence. Only then will you start to see peace on the outside.

  3. A headless chicken in opposition and still a headless chicken in government. But let’s not forget that when this murder spree started in 1997 pjp was there supporting kenny a verlane john when they said to the police don’t touch my boys. He that same pjp gave kenny his full support when kenny when kenny went after the police in 2011. And if I can recalled last year when said when he is prime minister that he will stop cring by 6 months in office. This is another oneof his sleep and forget. I thought we would never see a prime minister as bad or worse than kenny, well lucians we were wrong. This one is already the worst.

  4. My son has come to your island to work as a doctor. He’s been there for 48 hours and has been mugged at knife point. He’s coming home

  5. Ha ha. The solution learn to fear god because if you fear him you will learnt to live and govern fairly. Stop stamping your feets on people that work hard, honestly and deserve better to those who sits back and do nothing but eventually reap the rewards of those who work hard. Justice must be prevailed. Our police officers aught to be scared of the criminals. See how you all punish the officers who conducted ORC. How you all shun them from the force. How no recognition or promotion is given to them because they did a good job in getting rid of those criminals that we helped breed on st. Lucia. What examples are those in leadership. None what so ever. Fighting, insulting each other over petty things. God put you as leader to lead by example. Be fair and honest. Stop giving your friends jobs they don’t deserve by overlooking those that deserve the job. The low class is being punished so much in their jobs, in step in small contracts etc. oh lord we need you in this land of evil and corruption. We cry onto you lord please put a hand for we will never recover without you. Unless we learn to fear god it will only get worse. God is hearing the cries of the less fortunate. God is hearing the cries of those struggling to pay their bills their mortgages. Hod is hearing the cries of those who injustice is being done to and like sodoom and gommera unless we seek him in truth do what is right. Let our conscience be at peace . Love our neighbors. Stop shunning and destroy those that speak up to the truth then this land is in danger. Our government needs to do things correctly. Speak everyone equally no matter what class they fall in. Gods tears is falling on this land and we need to seek him. Let’s remember always do to unto others what we would like done to us. Peace and love

  6. Saint Lucia is a corrupt island. That is the simple but sad truth. Corruption starts with the very government which speaks out against it but on the sidelines collect millions in kickbacks. Every project is costed in the millions. It’s corruption when government ministers charged for criminal acts are suddenly set free of those charges and then threaten and victimize those who brought the charges. There are ministers accused of the most heinous crimes known to our society, yet our PM speaks of corruption. We as a people have come to accept it since it’s now everyday business. So why blame the police when they are a part of that same corrupt society, where to move forward you definitely have to be corrupt – just like our leaders. The saying that the fish starts to rot at the head is so true for Saint Lucia. All our governments have always blamed the police for spikes in crime. And the poor commissioners have always paid the price while our corrupt and inept leaders loot the coffers, sip wine and have fun. When will we ever learn, when will we earver learn.

    • Yes we continue to blame Governments and rightly so cause they must create the enabling environment to help us thrive in order to reduce crime. As so many have said when you take rejects like the Speaker and give them top positions with top salaries what can we expect. The latest I’m hearing is Desir is on his way out and a guy who created a disaster at Bordelais while in charge there is on his way from Bermuda to head the RSLPF. Who will Guard the Guards.

  7. We, Lucians, need to stop blaming UWP, SLP, PPP or whatever the party is for what is happening today. The Bible has prophesied and it must come to pass. No government, whether UWP or SLP can change the situation. It has just started and will continue to escalate. Stop depending on government, on Prime Ministers, on the Police, call on the Lord instead. Hide to safety in Jesus. Stop looking at people in churches and say they are hypocrites, you are one too. Look to Jesus he died to save you and not man. Pray and call for help for you and your children. All political parties are the same. They think they have the answered but they don’t. Stop putting your trust in man but trust only God.

  8. PIP, I don’t think you have any idea of what you are dealing with. Our Police force is now on par with Trinidad when it comes to corruption.
    Guns placed in safes locked with combinations disappears and re-appears like Houdini , newly installed surveillance cameras seem to be not working.
    Remember the six English officers brought in to assist them, they were forced to return to their homeland based on complaints and the hostile atmosphere around them. Police officers who seem to amass quite a bit of wealth in a short space of time.
    A thorough investigation is required of the entire Police force by an international team.

  9. C for cash, C for Cops, C for Corruption:- tell us who gave the order to let the murderer loose from Jail, in Babonneau?
    This is nothing new, it only made big news because this poor Cop was killed and another is hurting. But when will it stop? ask the unholy Trinity. When you want to talk corruption, ask Jufalli, ask the queen and you know who; they know.(there is one who knows and see things in the secret places)

  10. You expect to get international help from who? I need to know because I believe it’s definitely not form the US

  11. I like my PM. Always put the responsibility on the Police. Form day one he keeps saying the Police have to find strategies. A few months ago Poyotte said the govt is Developing Mechanisms Not the PM saying is the Police. Poyotte is now saying lets come together. Anmyways that is what we voted for. Thank You for delivering my PJP.

  12. PJP you had all the solutions to prevent crime when you were in opposition now in power even the national security minister you want to leave it all for the police to implement strategic responses to fight crime… y’all use to blame chas while in opposition who’s to blame now, hundreds of the youths out there out of a job because of y’all vendetta against fresh start and rayneau his worker’s complaining that not paying have work everywhere…give chas his jacket you clown’s keeping the country backwards.

  13. Mr Pierre, you don’t need international help to come and sort out your house…what u need to do is strengthen the Police force with proper equipment and training, weed out the corrupt cops and ministers who are fueling the crimes… strength the judiciary and implement specialist units to deal with those thugs…we have to do it for ourselves…and depend less on foreigners…give our people the tools needed to deal with the situation and stop resorting to solutions that will give a temporary outcome…what happens when foreign help is done and gone? We are still left with a police force who can’t deal with the situation when it raises it’s ugly head….so give the men and women who have vowed to protect and serve the tools needed to do the job…Is that your plan Mr PM? SMH….🤦

    • The government and the police force thrive on corruption bro thats why the British army stopped assisting in training the officers

  14. Mister prime minister, we continue to see a decay in the moral fabric of society. When we see people being given positions based on who they sleep with …..when we see immorality and bad behaviour being rewarded and wives and jabals being given high profile positions whilst those who work hard are not even acknowledged how can people believe that hard work pays off? A fish rots from the head sir. Treat people right and fair.

    • When you see government giving all the drug Barron’s Hugh contracts and both are guilty of I just pray it reaches their door step speedily . the fish rots from the head. poor jab the people who vote you all waiting for their day.

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